September 4, 2019

Edward Allen died Aug. 9 at 86. Survived by wife Myrna; daughter Tracy; son Allen; 3 grandchildren. Hillside

Steven Glen died Aug. 7 at 73. Survived by daughter Jennifer; son Adam; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Deborah Elliot died Aug. 2 at 66. Survived by husband Steven; daughter Beth Zadie; son Cameron; 1 grandchild; brother Andrew Schreiber. Mount Sinai 

Sylvia Fialla-Levine died Aug. 7 at 76. Survived by stepdaughter Dorothy Starns; son Morrie (Bonnie) Goldman; 2 grandchildren; brother Ron (Barbara) Weisbrod. Mount Sinai 

Susan Ford died Aug. 6 at 67. Survived by brother Alexander. Mount Sinai 

Marvin Aaron Friedman died July 30 at 70. Survived by wife Debra; daughters Victoria, Taylor, Elizabeth; son Matthew; sister Sylvia Brown; brother-in-law Herbert Klein. Mount Sinai 

Miriam Handman died Aug. 13 at 92. Survived by daughter Judy; son David (Erika). Hillside

Susan Itami died Aug. 4 at 75. Survived by husband Bruce. Hillside 

Ellen Itkin died Aug. 16 at 81. Survived by daughter Marla (Steve); son Benjamin (Gabrielle); 5 grandchildren. Hillside 

Teri Kaiser died Aug. 9 at 89. Survived by daughters Stacy (Bruce) Mendleson, Kim Brody; son Brett; 6 grandchildren; brother Herman (Elaine) Orenstein. Mount Sinai 

Ruth Lehrer died Aug. 10 at 104. Survived by sons Harvey, Wayne, Glenn; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Paula Machtinger died Aug. 7 at 94. Survived by husband Sidney; daughters Paula (Randy Thompson), Barbara; sons Edward (Willie Ablao), Steven (Susan), John (Adele); 5 grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Mary Myers died Aug. 9 at 87. Survived by husband Randolph; daughters Melinda (Ken), Teresa, Laura, Monica, Lisa, Maria; sons Randolph, Steve, John, James; 29 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Betty Popper died Aug. 5 at 90. Survived by husband Marvin; daughters Lisa, Karynne; son Ronald (Jodi Frey); 4 grandchildren; brother Manny (Barbara) Cetner. Mount Sinai 

Henry Present died Aug. 16 at 96. Survived by wife Felicia; daughters Paula (Brian), Lisa (Craig); 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Elliott Richards died Aug. 13 at 78. Survived by daughter Tania; son Paul. Hillside

Jay Richards died Aug. 7 at 84. Survived by sons Bret, Douglas (Susan); 1 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; sister Shelly Dietrich. Mount Sinai 

Gary Joel Rosenberg died Aug. 9 at 78. Survived by wife Geri; daughters, Michelle Kredell, Cheri Wynn; 4 grandchildren; sister Phyllis (Patty Wile). Mount Sinai 

Selma Roth died Aug. 5 at 99. Survived by sons Andrew (Diane), Ted (Lillian); 7 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; 9 great-great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Cecile Rudman died Aug. 10 at 100. Survived by daughter Susan; son Jay; 5 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; sister Roberta; brother Gerald. Hillside

Thomas Rykoff died Aug. 10 at 84. Survived by wife Sondra; son Mark (Elena); 2 grandchildren; sister Ruth; brother Steve. Hillside

Leonard Saxon died Aug. 9 at 89. Survived by daughters Leslie, Rebecca; sons Edward, David, Mark; 8 grandchildren; sister Elaine. Hillside

Herbert Schaffer died Aug. 9 at 90. Survived by wife Esther; daughter Susie Goldstein; sons Steve, Robert; 5 grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Wendy Shane died Aug. 5 at 69. Survived by sister Susan (Peter); brother Shane. Hillside

Lois Sherman died Aug. 6 at 79. Survived by daughter Marcie Jo; son Barry Jay (Jill); 3 grandchildren; sister Ronna; brother Stuart. Hillside

Harriet Doris Silvertrust died Aug. 2 at 89. Survived by daughters Melissa (Jack) Bereustein, Debbie Williams; son Mark (Julie); 4 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Sanford Spielman died Aug. 5 at 87. Survived by wife Lois; daughter Julie; son Steven; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Bernice Steinberg died Aug. 10 at 95. Survived by daughter Janet; sons Mark (Marilyn), Craig (Phyllis); 3 grandchildren; sister Sybil; brother Bert. Hillside

Shirley Steppler died Aug. 7 at 91. Survived by daughters Terrie, Dianne; 4 grandchildren. Hillside

Stephen Tomar died Aug. 9 at 80. Survived by husband Stuart; sister Connie (Marvin); sister-in-law Susan (Mark). Hillside

Clifford Weitz died Aug. 14 at 89. Survived by wife Marilyn; daughter Julie; son Jeff; brother Ted; 4 grandchildren. Hillside 

Louis Willis died Aug. 9 at 99. Survived by wife Dorothy; daughters Dorothy, Paula Siegel, Monica (Stephen) Rosen, Sheryl (Bill) Zika; 6 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Joe Zelman died Aug. 9 at 100. Survived by wife Helen; sons Stephen (Laura), Michael (Jeanette), Richard (Cyndi); 6 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

David Zukerman died Aug. 10 at 99. Survived by daughter Nancy (Jerry); 2 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Hillside

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