August 28, 2019

Jan Berkowitz died July 23 at 73. Survived by husband Martin; stepdaughter Julia; stepson Cliff (Amy); sister Betty. Hillside

Adelle “Boots” Brounstein died July 31 at 92. Survived by sons Charles (Susan), Philip (Susan); 6 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; sisters Janice, Renee (Herb). Hillside

Claire Cohon died Aug. 2 at 89. Survived by husband Baruch; daughters Rachel, Deborah; sons Samuel, Jonathon; 6 grandchildren. Hillside

Sandor Hyman Demlinger died July 26 at 91. Survived by wife Reva; daughter Allyson (Robert Shapiro) Demlinger-Shapiro; sons Glenn (Gaylee), Keith; 3 grandchildren; brother Marlin (Lisa). Mount Sinai

Ruth C. Frank died July 22 at 97. Survived by daughters Jeannine, Carol (Michael Katz); son Nyle (Kathie Lloyd); 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Ruth Grahm died July 30 at 95. Survived by daughter Isabelle; sons Bobby, Randall; 5 grandchildren; sister Selma Herscher. Malinow and Silverman Mortuary

Adrienne Guss died July 24 at 65. Survived by brother Mark. Malinow and Silverman Mortuary

Ronald R. Hall died July 18 at 80. Survived by wife Brana; sons Corey (Susan Cosso) Wilson, Mitchell (Carolyn) Wilson; 5 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Sally Helfer died July 31 at 82. Survived by stepsons Mitchell (Carrie), Jeffrey (Laura); 3 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild; sister Glenda (Jerry). Hillside

Evelyn Hoffman died July 31 at 97. Survived by daughter Marlene; son Jeffrey; sister Dorothy. Hillside

Jeffrey Hoffman died July 27 at 75. Survived by wife Laura; daughter Michele (Evan) Hughes; son Sean; 2 grandchildren; brother, Harvey (Marilyn). Mount Sinai

Marcia Hollander died July 31 at 78. Survived by husband Samuel; daughter Teri (David); 2 grandchildren; brother Larry. Hillside

Florence Kauffman died July 19 at 92. Survived by sons Gary (Sandy), Scott (Juli); 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Jeanette Rogolsky Kaufman died July 25 at 97. Survived by son Jeff (Debi); 2 grandchildren; brother Eugene Rogolsky. Mount Sinai

Merryll Lee Klausner died July 21 at the age 72. Survived by husband Robert; daughters Joy Shows, Cynthia Vasquez; 7 grandchildren; sister Riva Sperber. Mount Sinai

Leonard Kohn died July 29 at 81. Survived by son Michael (Jennifer); 1 grandchild; sister Evie Azarchi. Mount Sinai

Dolores Krakowsky died July 30 at 91. Survived by daughter Linda (Christopher) Jackson; son Steven (Annette); 4 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Marcy Krescent died Aug. 1 at 63. Survived by sons David, Andrew (Nicole); 3 grandchildren; brother Jerry Singer. Mount Sinai

Pamela Lavinthal died July 20 at 75. Survived by daughter Lori; son Brett (Stacy); 2 grandchildren; brother Tom Jaffe. Mount Sinai

Alexander Lieberman died July 29 at 90. Survived by daughter Dahlia; sons Ronald, David (Amy); 6 grandchildren; sister Mariam. Mount Sinai

Beatrice Meshekow died July 28 at 95. Survived by daughter Paula; sons Marc, Robert; brother Bernard; 1 grandchild. Hillside 

Paula Ostrow died July 31 at 91. Survived by daughters Pam, Lisa; 1 grandchild. Hillside

Charles Rosenthal died July 24 at 90. Survived by daughters Terry, Amy Rita; son Mark. Hillside

Carol Anne Savage died July 19 at 75. Chevra Kadisha

Farangis Siman died July 25 at 95. Survived by daughters Farideh “Fari” (Hamid) Yashar, Farzaneh Parsakar; son Farhad. Malinow and Silverman 

Sam Singerman died July 24 at 94. Survived by wife Harriet; daughter Laura (Larry) Fox; sons Craig, Neil; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Bunny Wasser died July 27 at 73. Survived by husband Howard; daughter Laura; son Andrew; stepson David Bernstein; 5 grandchildren. Hillside

Herbert “Herbie” Weiner died July 25 at 77. Survived by sister Wendy Mack; brother Robert. Mount Tamalpais Mortuary and Cemetery, San Rafael, Calif.

Irwin Weiss died July 24 at 88. Survived by wife Rochelle; daughter Jayne; sons Robert, Craig (Elizabeth); 4 grandchildren; sister Roberta. Hillside

Michael Weiss died July 27 at 67. Survived by wife Sheryl Grabow-Weiss; daughter Gabrielle; sister Zhava Horsky. Mount Sinai

Sylvia Mae Weitzman died Aug. 3 at 83. Survived by daughters Paula (Paul Senkle), Bonnie; 6 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Bernie Winner died July 4 at 79. Survived by daughters Michelle (Bobby) Swann, Andrea (Ed) Norick; son Barry (Debbie); 7 grandchildren; brother Shelly (Nan). Mount Sinai    

Corinne Wise died July 30 at 48. Survived by husband David Weitzman; daughter Kaya Brody Weitzman; son Justin Zachary Weitzman; mother Barbara; father Michael (Sirah); sister Danielle (Jacob Blair); brother Charles. Mount Sinai 

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