An African Safari Wedding and Honeymoon with Country Coupling

February 7, 2020


As Valentine’s day is next week we wanted to bring you information on African Safaris – a fabulous option for your wedding or honeymoon.

An increasing number of couples are looking for something more than getting married on a exotic island, lying on the beach with a tropical drink in hand. Besides, here in the US you can fly or drive to the nearest beach and do that any time you wish, even for a quick weekend away. Not that it isn’t fun, however, a destination wedding and/or honeymoon in Africa will provide you with one of the most incredible trips of your life! If you want to start your life together with tons of adventures and mind boggling insta-worthy pictures that will leave your friends green with envy; you absolutely should have an African Safari wedding. 

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When someone mentions an African Safari, it conjures up images such as sunsets over the Serengeti with lions roaring in the distance, sitting in opulent tents overlooking the bushveld, while sipping on a tall cocktail reminiscent of Hemmingway-esque glamour, and with rather hefty price tags. While the former is accurate, the hefty price tags do not have to be. You will often find resorts offering less than sky high costs and honeymoon specials and that is what Amber at Dream Vacations will help you figure out. This is the first of a 4 part series on African Safaris and Tours so keep following to learn more about how you and your significant other can have unforgettable experiences in Africa. Even a with fully kosher meals! 

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Whether you are newlyweds, renewing your vows, celebrating an anniversary and seeking an especially intimate experience in Africa; there are a plethora of options for you and your loved one. You will surely find one that will suit both your taste and budget. Imagine spending balmy nights under the stars or enjoying a hot tub as the sun sets with bubbly or your choice of wine, in total privacy, intimate dinners for two, high up in a treehouse accessible only by raised walkways and swing bridges with a private deck overlooking a dam where animals come to quench their thirst and bathe. 

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During the early mornings, snuggling beneath a blanket, you will be driven by experienced tour guides into the bush where you will encounter the most incredible wildlife scenery you can possibly imagine. Expect to see cheetahs, lions, elephant herds as well as wildebeest, zebra and a variety of antelope. You may even see a hunt although I have to confess that is not my favorite experience, but you cannot deny the fascinating beauty of those animals as they stalk their prey.

At sunset you will likely stop at a watering hole and served cocktails while watching a variety of animals gather to drink. There will be impalas nervously hovering while listening and testing the air for predators and if you are there at the right time of year, you will see baby elephants frolicking in the water under the watchful eyes of the mother and herd. If you feel adventurous, you could always opt for nocturnal drives (with spotlights) or even on-foot tracking of big game, accompanied by an armed ranger team. When you get back to the camp you will be able to unwind from the action-packed game drive or guided walks and have the option to join the other guests around the campfire for drinks and dinner, or have your own private dinner served in your suite. When you talk to Amber you will discover just how many options there are for you for a Safari experience, starting with South Africa and going all the way up to East and North Africa. All of which depends on what your preferences are. You could even add cultural tours, chopper flights over Victoria falls and/or gorilla trekking to your itinerary. 

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Or you could opt to see the annual migration of half a million wildebeests and vast groups of zebras and topi down from the Serengeti into the Mara, which, in and of itself is an unforgettable sight. Add a sunrise hot-air-balloon safari, followed by a champagne breakfast and relax by the pool, depending on where you are staying.  

I suggest that you make a wish list, then call Amber to help you create an unforgettable itinerary. Africa truly has everything. From wildlife Safaris to tours of world renown wineries, exotic beaches and as mentioned, trending right now is Country coupling ~ couples or families having their destination wedding in one part of the Country or Continent, and then honeymoon in another. You could also have your wedding as part of your safari experience and then honeymoon on an exotic islands such as the Seychelles or Mauritius. Or, if you are a wine aficionado, have your wedding in one of those stunning wineries and then enjoy your honeymoon on safari! Or vice Versa. Honeymoon hops are also wildly popular and yes Amber can accommodate that too. 

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Amber creates personalized vacations for cruises, resorts, tours, groups, and conferences and of course African Safaris. She is a military veteran and LGBT friendly. You can call or text her at 469-465-5754 or e-mail her at EnchantedVacationTravel@gmail.com to plan your next Enchanted Dream Vacation! Her website can be found here

Pictures Courtesy of Great Safaris. Glendale, USA

Keep following us for more on African Safaris, African cultural tours and exotic islands.  Shabbat Shalom!


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