December 12, 2018

Popsicle Stick Star of David Photo Banner

Popsicle sticks are one of the most versatile tools in my craft stash. While it might be tempting to buy a case of popsicles and eat them all for the sticks, it’s much easier (and healthier) to buy a pack of sticks at the crafts store. They’re available in various sizes, and they even come pre-painted in different colors. Here, I’ve used these colored popsicle sticks to make individual Stars of David that are strung together into a banner. And each star doubles as a picture frame. This would be a great decoration for the upcoming High Holy Days, or as a classroom banner displaying photos of each student. 

What you’ll need:
Popsicle sticks
Plastic rhinestones
String or yarn

1. Glue three popsicle sticks together to form a triangle. Do this twice so you have two triangles.

2. Place one triangle on top of the other into a Star of David formation, and glue the two triangles together.

3. Glue a rhinestone at each point of the star. This step is optional, but the rhinestones add some nice bling.

4. Cut a photo that will fit in the opening of the star, and glue or tape it to the back. Then run a string through the stars to hang on the wall.

Jonathan Fong is the author of “Flowers That Wow” and “Parties That Wow,” and host of “Style With a Smile” on YouTube. You can see more of his do-it-yourself projects at