October 17, 2019

Monday Roundup: The Emmys, Breaking Bad

So I'm not caught up on Breaking Bad yet– I know, I know, believe me, I know– but it's a scary project to embark on when every Sunday every one of my social media feeds erupts with howls of absolute agony over the most recent episode. It's like the Red Wedding every week. But for those of you who got hooked early, Vulture has a roundup of “>starting this Wednesday and taking a brief break for a Saturday of Westerns before resuming with the fifth and final season straight through to its end on Sunday. There's no way I'm subjecting myself to that– I mean, a girl's got to eat and sleep–but it might be a fun (?) trip down memory lane for some. Godspeed and enjoy. I don't understand your life at all.

Speaking of things I won't watch: I made it through a full hour of the Emmy's before realizing that nothing would be more adorable than Merritt Weaver's genuinely shocked, brief acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy– except maybe Tony Hale thanking his Tallahassee drama teachers in his own acceptance speech, and then doing a bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus when she received her award for Best Leadering Actress in a Comedy. The memorials were sweet but too long and the whole event just dragged hideously. I watched HIMYM reruns in anticipation of tonight's return and kept an eye on my Twitter feed, and