Comedians Chloe Fineman, Robby Hoffman, Alex Edelman Raise Money for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice in Virtual Live Event

Einbinder told the crowd of 14,000 viewers that it was only laughter, “super loose” and “very casual” vibes for the Just for Laughs Facebook Live show.
August 17, 2020
Chloe Fineman, Photo by: Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC; Robby Hoffman, Photo courtesy of Hoffman; Alex Edelman, Photo by Will Bremridge.

Comedian Hannah Einbinder brought together a virtual lineup of artists on Aug. 17 for a good cause.

“Hannah Einbinder Presents! Musicians and Comedians Would Love it if You Came to Our Virtual Show and Donated to the Cause” is a mouthful—and Einbinder knows it— but she told the crowd of 14,000 viewers during the event that it perfectly describes what she wanted from this “super loose” and “very casual” Just for Laughs Facebook Live show.

Tribe members Robby Hoffman (“I’m Nervous”), Alex Edelman (“Saturday Night Seder”), Chloe Fineman (“Saturday Night Live”) together with Reggie Watts (“Comedy Bang Bang” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden”) and MACKandgold, donated their talents to raise money for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) New York. 

According to its website, for the past 30 years, JFREJ has fought to dismantle racism, fight all oppression and advance systemic changes around the world. 

“[JFREJ] does a lot of work in New York. They’ve been against police brutality, they work a lot for workers’ rights…they’ve fought to protect the little guy in New York,” Einbinder said during the event. “It is a Jewish value to heal the world so it’s just a really wonderful organization that I love. Right now, we are living in a moment where everyone’s being very politically active but these guys have been on the case for a while.”

Hoffman kicked off the virtual event by joking about traveling during a pandemic;  “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling’s transphobic comments on Twitter and talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Hoffman’s latest comedy special “I’m Nervous” was produced and recorded through Crave TV and Just for Laughs, and while it isn’t distributed in the United States, you can view it by private messaging Hoffman on Instagram @robbyhoffman. 

“Saturday Night Seder” head writer and comedian Alex Edelman is promoting his first ever comedy album “Until Now,” and said he was surprised by the number of Jews in a single lineup.

“This is such a Jew-heavy show, usually I’m the only Jew. This is an embarrassment,” he said. “I’m so thrilled for [Einbinder] for cultivating such a list of Jews.” 

Following a mini acoustic session by Indie performer Mackandgold, SNL newcomer Chloe Fineman “Zoombombed” the evening as one of her quarantine characters to discuss Cardi B’s latest song, “W.A.P.” Shortly after she removed her wig, she showed the virtual crowd her wig collection and did a speed round of celebrity impersonations including Timotheé Chalamet, Rosanne Barr, most of the cast of Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” and “Jew Berrymore,” a hybrid of Drew Berrymore and Fineman’s Jewish impersonations. 

“I once took an acting class in Hollywood and I was told that my type is ‘Jew Berrymore,’” Fineman joked jumping in and out of character. “I’m obsessed with her.” 

Watch the event below and donate here:

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