‘The Newsroom’ Season 2: You don’t really love me, you just keep me hangin’ on

July 22, 2013

“Hate-watching” is a recurring theme in The Newsroom conversations, but I think the more accurate label comes from Tim Goodman’s ” target=”_blank”>elsewhere, but a certain sadness. The mighty hath fallen, and we alone to wander, wondering how, why, when.

Sir Sorkin heard our cries and already we’re seeing a couple of marked improvements. At least the team shows signs of being tethered to their own universe, one with rules, one with lawsuits, as opposed to free falling unscathed through an impossible, hind-sighted version of ours. Will is finally accepting the consequences and responsibilities of his mouth. (“I’m not who I used to be right now.”)

Charlie (Sam Waterston) pulls Will off the September 11 tenth anniversary coverage, citing Will’s recent labeling of the Tea Party as the American Taliban, and the sensitive timing with the even more sensitive issue. “You’ll get the flu around the 9th or 10th.” The silent moments following resemble a funeral march, starring Will as the pallbearer, the priest and the deceased. We learn later that Will’s first night as an anchor was September 11, 2001, adding some needed weight to their conversation and his somber reaction. And after we’re shown his opening footage from that night, a scene delivering arguably the series’ most emotionally heavy moments to date, the scars of last season begin to feel pardonable. 

Likely still licking his wounds from last season’s ego-blow in The New Yorker, and now with the boot from the tenth anniversary coverage, Will is starting to show welcome changes to his previously indestructible demeanor. Whether the pendulum will swing too far the other direction remains to be seen, doubtful as it is. (Still, Will 1.0 of last season wouldn’t be affected in the slightest upon finding [Related: 

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