Table for Five: Vayera

Why Did Sarah Laugh? Perhaps the alleged scoff was actually a squeal of delight?

Unscrolled Lech Lecha: The Story of an Image

In Isaac Bashevis Singer’s 1967 short story “The Slaughterer,” a pious Jew named Yoineh Meir finds himself increasingly revolted by the gore of his...

Nation Shall Not…But They Still Do – A poem for Parsha Lech Lecha

Nation Shall Not…But They Still Do - A poem for Parsha Lech Lecha

A Bisl Torah: Recurring Dreams

I have a few recurring dreams. One of which is wandering aimlessly around a school setting, miserably late to take an important test.

Table for Five: Lech Lecha

Have Faith And Go Forth!

Unscrolled Noach: In the Beginning, Again

What started with light had become dark. And so, God decided to begin again.

All the Things — A poem for Torah Portion Noach

All the Things — A poem for Torah Portion Noach

A Bisl Torah: Know Before Whom You Stand

A few days ago, I encountered some poor customer service.

Table for Five: Noach

Why Did The Waters Of The Flood Come From Both Above And Below?

Am I? — A poem for Torah Portion Bereshit

It’s Always Been Unicorns — A poem for Torah Portion Vezot Hab'rachah

Unscrolled: Presence and Absence

Let me tell you two stories about the beginning of the world.

A Bisl Torah: To Begin Again

The start of a journey can be as easy as turning a page or reversing the hourglass.

Table for Five: Bereshit

For six days God said everything was good, except loneliness.

Unscrolled V’Zot Ha’Berachah: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It is surely one of the most fascinating endings of a story ever conceived.

It’s Always Been Unicorns — A poem for Torah Portion Vezot Hab’rachah

It’s Always Been Unicorns — A poem for Torah Portion Vezot Hab'rachah

A Bisl Torah: Spiritual Guests

Whose memory graces your sukkah?

I Am From — A poem

I am from the long answer to the question where are you from.

Table for Five: Special Sukkot Edition

At the end of Sukkot we enjoy the unique day of Hoshana Rabba. What it’s all about?

Unscrolled: From Prophet to Poet

In Parashat Haazinu, we see that Moses’ work is not yet finished.

The Good Old Days — A poem for Torah Portion Ha’azinu

…new things that only recently came, which your forefathers did not fear. -Deuteronomy 32:17 Everyone remembers what it used to be like back when things were good and...

Angelinos Mourn Moshe Alon

Family, friends and a number of dignitaries flew from Los Angeles to Israel over the past week to pay their last respects to the legendary Los Angeles-based security expert Moshe Alon, who died Sept. 9 in Haifa.

Table for Five: Ha’azinu

A Final Word From Moses

A Bisl Torah: Outside Respite from the Outside World

Sukkot is a time of gratitude, recognizing the people in our lives that serve as our walls, roof, and foundation.

Join Nvay Shalom Yom Kippur Services Streams

Services are led by Rabbi Stephen and Rabbi/Cantor Eva Robbins, Spiritual leaders of N'vay Shalom.

Unscrolled Vayeilech: Open, Closed, Open

“Open closed open,” wrote the poet Yehuda Amichai. “That’s all we are.”

Nothing to See Here — A poem for Parsha Vayelech

Then Moses wrote this Torah -Deuteronomy 31:9 It takes us a year to read the Torah and not even all of it. Three years or more to read...

A Bisl Torah: Walk the Walk

Walking the walk is leaving Yom Kippur services with a bit more patience as the traffic in the parking lot begins to build up.

Table for Five: Special Yom Kippur Edition

Why does the Day of Judgment precede the Day of Atonement?

Why the Law?

Law in Judaism evolves with time. This is true for all forms of Judaism, even Orthodoxy. 

Unscrolled Nitzavim: A Communal Praxis

What is the Law? What do we know of its true nature? In what ways does it act upon us, restricting or sanctioning our actions?

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