Rabbi Dr. Stuart Halpern

Rabbi Dr. Stuart Halpern

Rabbi Dr. Stuart Halpern is Senior Adviser to the Provost of Yeshiva University and Deputy Director of Y.U.’s Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought. His books include "The Promise of Liberty: A Passover Haggada," which examines the Exodus story’s impact on the United States, "Esther in America," "Gleanings: Reflections on Ruth" and "Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land: The Hebrew Bible in the United States."

Shylock No More

Venice, thankfully, no longer is Shylocking its Jews, forcing the Jewish people to apologize for their self-defense.

The Promise of Liberty, from the Exodus Story On

In “The Promise of Liberty: A Passover Haggada,” readers will find, alongside the traditional Haggadah text, how American abolitionists and artists, Pilgrims and presidents, rabbis and revolutionaries, jazz musicians and generals found inspiration in the Exodus story.

Mordecai of the Multiverse

It might come as a surprise to the most devoted comic book and cinematic aficionados that millennia before Kevin Feige and Co. dreamed up Marvel’s Multiverse, the ancient rabbis cast Mordecai of the Megillah of Esther in a strikingly similar context. 

How Hebraic Heroes Inspired America

In celebration of Presidents Day 2024, Yeshiva University’s Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought and OpenDor Media are partnering in the production and release of a series of four short videos for educators, showcasing the Hebrew Bible’s impact on the annals of American heroism

Judaism’s Dialectic Essence

As Daniel Ross Goodman notes in his recently published “Soloveitchik’s Children,” Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik wrote early and often of Jewish dialectics — the dynamic tension of holding oppositional ideas in tandem.

Exodus: The Script for the American Story

Few Americans realize that as the Jewish community begins reading the book of Exodus in the weekly Torah cycle, the text being studied is actually one of the political and moral founding documents of the United States.

The Unsung Hero of Hanukkah

Seven hundred years or so before those famous freedom fighters liberated Jerusalem from the hands of the nefarious Syrian-Greek forces of Antiochus IV, there was Elisha.


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