Picture of Rabbi Nicole Guzik

Rabbi Nicole Guzik

Rabbi Nicole Guzik is a rabbi at Sinai Temple. She can be reached at her Facebook page at Rabbi Nicole Guzik.

A Bisl Torah – Renewing our Vows

The reenactment of receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai is a reenactment of our own stepping into an eternal partnership with our Creator.

A Bisl Torah – Always in Reach

Your rabbis, your cantors, your teachers and mentors are here to remind you that within a synagogue, any synagogue, and especially within this synagogue, there is always room to find your way.

A Bisl Torah – The Fifth Child

Perhaps, since October 7th, a fifth generation has surfaced. Young Jews determining how (not if) Jewish tradition and beliefs will play a role in their own identity and the future identities of their children.


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