Picture of Marcus J Freed

Marcus J Freed

A Manifesto for Jewish Filmmakers

In a world where there is such a relentless barrage of antisemitic content, A Manifesto for Jewish Filmmakers can refine and focus our ideas for using creativity to counter the negativity.

Satirical Semite: Unjected

There is now a dedicated dating site called Unjected, which is based in the Red state heartlands of Boca Raton, Florida, and only open to people who have not had the COVID vaccine.

Satirical Semite: DatingGPT

Dating is a labor-intensive activity, and is demanding. As such, I’ve outsourced my dating communications to ChatGPT-4.

Serious Semite: Get Schooled

Religious schools are free and paid for by the British Government. Despite this opportunity, many British Jews still don’t send their children to Jewish schools.


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