April 1, 2020

Hollywood Goes Green

What do you get when you combine star-studded style, the media and green carpet?  No, not America’s Next Top Model on Astroturf, but the Environmental Media Awards.  There were no styrofoam containers, plastic bags or even hairspray aerosol cans at this event; just Hollywood elite, environmentalists and members of the media who pulled up in their hybrids and dawned eco-friendly attire for a cause: to save Mother Earth.

And there I was, wishing I had a hybrid to pull up in as well, but who was watching me, anyway?  I was safe.  This was my second time attending the EMAs (my first time was last year), and I have to say that this year, the turnout and earnestness of the event was impressive.

Stars were there to spread the message to the youth. Finola Hughes (General Hospital) explained that she felt it was important to educate other moms on ways to do our part and the importance of passing it down to our children.  There were also young actors like Kevin McHale (Glee), who was there to “spread the word” to teens and the new Glee followers, or “Gleeks” (Glee Geeks) as they have come to be known.

I couldn’t agree more that we must set an example for our little ones and big ones alike.  I make an effort to point out little things to my son whenever I can.  For instance, I try to teach my son to make it a habit of turning off the water while he brushes his teeth.  Even the infamous purple dinosaur Barney advocates this in his song “Brushing My Teeth.”  Thanks, Barney. (Great, now the lyrics are stuck in my head: “We never let the water run…never let the water run.”

As much as it has been said over and over and over again, it is important to start with the little things, like conserving water, recycling and just taking an extra few seconds to stop and think about what we are doing to help.  And of course our children learn by example, so setting a good one is important.  I have realized it is not enough that I buy reusable shopping bags and keep them in the trunk of my car; I actually need to use them more often.

And since Hollywood has gone green, maybe the rest of the world will follow.

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