April 1, 2020

Ways Moms Unwind

While rummaging through mommy magazines at the check out aisles, I began to notice there were a lot of articles about ways moms relax.  Most of these articles suggested spa retreats, weekend getaways and guided meditation classes.

These all sounded great on paper, but what moms were they talking about, and how were they getting all this time away in the first place?

I decided to find out for myself what other moms were really doing to unwind (perhaps I was missing something) and decided to ask the experts: my friends and colleagues.
I surveyed over fifty moms asking how they relaxed at the end of the day and came up with a list comprised of their answers.

It was more difficult than I thought, since at first their responses included statements such as “Is this a joke?” or “Relax, what does that mean?” or even “I think I relaxed one day last week when my shower lasted over ten minutes.”

Then, finally, the list:

1) Cleaning, dusting and dishes.  No joke.  Many moms found this to be relaxing.  I even read a recent interview with Jennie Garth who said she enjoyed cleaning things.  I wish this worked for me.  I can’t imagine just how relaxed I would be most of the time, in fact.
2) Cooking. Some even enjoyed drinking a glass of wine while cooking.  These moms found cooking to be an escape and creative outlet.  They looked forward to cooking up dinner every night.
3) T.V./Tivo. Moms explained that they “caught up” on their shows.
4) Manicure-Pedicure.  Many moms said they looked forward to relaxing on the weekend and “getting away” for a manicure/pedicure.  My take on the mani-pedi is a do-it-yourself version with 30-second quick dry nail polish.  That way I can do it anywhere and anytime.
5) Shower/bath. This was a popular one, since some days a shower can be overlooked until the end of the day.  The verdict is in: moms looked forward to showers with the door closed that lasted over ten minutes.
6) For married moms: Time with hubby after the kids are asleep. Time to catch up, clean up, eat, discuss bills, to do lists, T.V. or a movie and zzzzzzzzz.  (Perhaps something before the latter, as well)
7) Internet, Facebook and video games.  Bejeweled and Sudoku were popular ones.
8) Mediation and Yoga.
9) Listening to music on an iPod.
10) A good book.

I did discover something new after surveying other moms.  I discovered that we are all very much alike and that I am not the only one who doesn’t shower often.  (Wait, did I just write that?)

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