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Eat Pray Eat

We Americans love our holidays and special occasions. Many non-Jews have actually told me that they have thought about becoming Jewish just because we...

I Don’t Want to Exercise

If possible, in the mornings, try and do something for someone before you do something for yourself, even if it’s feeding a stray cat. It gets you out of yourself.

Happy Trails to You

There are a few people in life that, every time you see them, you feel a shot of happiness shoot through your veins. Rabbi Nachum and Rebbetzin Emuna Braverman are two of those people.

Getting the Willingness to Change

One of the keys to making almost any big or small change in your life is your willingness to make that change. Even the smallest amount of willingness can make a huge difference.

Pay Attention

Multitasking has cut all of our attention spans. Paying attention takes practice. It means getting out of yourself and really finding out about someone else.

Chelsea Handler Returns to Standup Comedy in HBO Max Special

Chelsea Handler will return to her standup comedy roots for the first time in six years with “Chelsea Handler: Evolution,” premiering Oct. 22 on...

‘The Comedy Store’ Spotlights Five Decades of Hilarity

The Comedy Store opened on Sunset Boulevard in 1972 on the site of the former Ciro’s nightclub, and it has been a launchpad and...

The Pandemic Made the Road Rocky, But I Still Love It

Comedy, like any job, can keep you young and vital if you enjoy doing it. Most comics are on a lockdown hiatus. How do we stay sane?

Larry David, Amy Schumer Join Voting Comedy Special

Larry David, Amy Schumer and Susie Essman have joined Michelle Obama and ATTN:’s “VOMO: Vote of Miss Out” election comedy special, which airs Sept. 14 on ABC.

Bette Midler, Dan Levy Deliver Timely Confessionals in ‘Coastal Elites’

The COVID-19 pandemic, politics and the pressing social issues of our deeply divided times are front and center in “Coastal Elites,” an incisive collection...

Comedian Iliza Schlesinger Launches Fall ‘Comedy Tailgate Tour’

Her latest standup tour will take her to nine drive-in theaters across the country on the socially distanced “Iliza’s Comedy Tailgate Tour,

Alex Edelman on Debut Comedy Album, Anti-Semitism and ‘Saturday Night Seder’

The 31-year-old Modern Orthodox comedian and writer has been busy professionally creating a plethora of content — virtual and live. 

‘Mrs. Maisel’ Celebrates the Apollo Theater in Virtual Tribute

"A Marvelous Night at the Apollo,” celebrated the legendary venue with a one-hour special that aired virtually.

Musician and Emmy-Winner Hughie Stone Fish ‘Brings the Funny’ to His Activism

The singer/songwriter/composer, who also plays the piano, guitar, bass, banjo and accordion, now adds Emmy winner and activist to his resume.

Comedians Chloe Fineman, Robby Hoffman, Alex Edelman Raise Money for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice in Virtual Live Event

Einbinder told the crowd of 14,000 viewers that it was only laughter, “super loose” and “very casual” vibes for the Just for Laughs Facebook Live show.

Tiffany Haddish, Howie Mandel, Judy Gold, Gilbert Gottfried to Take Part in Lucille Ball Virtual Festival

The National Comedy Center’s annual Lucille Ball Festival goes virtual this year, with many MOTs among the artists taking part.

Share the Kindness to at Least Two People Daily, You’ll Feel Better

Try saying two nice things to at least two people every day — especially to your spouse and kids. They’ll appreciate it.

NY Comedy Club Owner Al Martin on What Stand-Up Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

I want to make sure we can get ready to open. It’s going to be a whole new comedy world.

Comic Jena Friedman Serves up Food and Humor in ‘The Joy of Quarantine’

Friedman makes an “everything” bagel from pizza dough; makes kugel with potatoes, broccoli and green beans; and whips up cholent with Slivovitz.

Judy Gold Stands Up for Comedy in Her Book ‘Yes, I Can Say That’

The veteran stand-up, actress and Emmy-winning writer-producer weighs in on serious topics including free speech, censorship and cyberbullying, while paying tribute to her Jewish comedy heroes.

Tribeca Drive-In Presents Classic Movies and Comedy Under Quarantine

Drive-in movie theaters largely went extinct in the age of the multiplex, but they’re having a renaissance during pandemic times.

Hollywood Pays Tribute to the Late Carl Reiner

When Carl Reiner passed away of natural causes at the age of 98 on June 29, he left an indelible mark on Hollywood as...

Jewish Comedy Icon Carl Reiner Dies at 98

TV legend Carl Reiner, the Emmy-winning writer, producer, director and actor who created “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” has died at 98. He passed...

Comedian Myq Kaplan on His Newest Release, ‘A.K.A.’

The Journal caught up with Kaplan to chat about “A.K.A.,” his TV appearances and what it’s like doing comedy during quarantine. 

Claudia Oshry Channels Joan Rivers’ Jewish Comedy in “Disgraced Queen”

“I’m so proudly Jewish,” she told The Journal. “It’s so much a part of my shtick and who I am.”

Jeff Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, and Other Jewish Comedians Compete in ‘Tournament of Laughs’

Jeff Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, Judah Friedlander, Michael Rapaport and others will face off.

TikTok Dating Show ‘Love In Lockdown’ Follows Love in Quarantine

When 27-year-old comedian Jack Usher started dating his new girlfriend in April, he naturally told his family and friends. However, he also went one...

Make Your Quarantine More Marvelous with the Help of ‘Mrs. Maisel’

If you’re tired of baking sourdough bread and have finished streaming the latest offerings during quarantine, why not live vicariously through the characters of...

NYC Comedy Legend Jeffrey Gurian on Surviving COVID-19 at 63

Jeffrey Gurian is a legend on the New York City comedy scene. He can also be found on his YouTube channel, Comedy Matters TV...

Jerry Stiller, Longtime Comic Who Won Fame on ‘Seinfeld,’ dies at 92

(JTA) — Jerry Stiller, the longtime Jewish comic who became best known for playing the belligerent character Frank Costanza on “Seinfeld,” has died. Stiller died...

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