January 24, 2019

Republican Joe Goldner: Unlike Kaufman, I have no ties to any interest group

Joe Goldner, 57, is one of several Republican candidates trying to replace Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the 2012 elections. Goldner was born and raised in New York but has been a Floridian for the past 15 years. He studied law and worked mainly in the private sector before entering politics. Joe Goldner kindly agreed to answer some questions on the upcoming US elections, the American economy and which GOP candidate he would like to see running against Obama next year.

1) Give me a break – you’re going to defeat Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz? (and since I know you’re going to answer with a yes, tell me how)

By going into Debbie’s strong holds and telling them the truth about what concerns them most, answering them plainly, for example:

1- I will talk to the seniors and show them in their own language (not political talk) how through Obamacare they actually cut $550 billion from Medicare, how because of Obamacare they lost their long term home care, because it is too expensive; it was dropped from the bill because of lack of funding for which they originally made huge promises to get the bill passed, that was one of the main reasons the bill did pass with the Democratic Congress, plus an increase of Medicare monthly payment cost.

2- Show them that because of the cuts in payment to the doctors, doctors are now not taking any new Medicare patients or even retiring from the field of medical practice, which is causing a shortage with doctors.

3- In the Jewish community, another Debbie stronghold, I will talk to them about Israel and how Obama and his policies are actually hurting Israel and the Jewish community. Such as the pre-‘67 borders comment or the open mike comment that Netanyahu is a bother. Both statements Debbie has not objected to and now is supporting.

2) Please tell me what you think of the following observation: If Democrats can’t win Florida 20, they can’t win at all.

The reason for that is very simple, Florida CD 20 is a very liberal democratic district. Being Debbie has been in office for several years with name recognition, plus the fact she is the DNC Chair. Which is also the reason why she will lose! The reason why she will lose, is the fact that it will be extremely easy to tie everything that she does to Obama and his failed policies especially with Israel and also with the economy.

3) What makes you the best Republican contender and what happens if another GOP candidate is the ultimate nominee?

I am the best Republican contender here in Florida District 20 for several reasons:

1- I am a plain talking person who is actually one of the people who is someone who knows what it means to live paycheck to paycheck, not an elitist but an ordinary person from the district.

2- I have no ties to any special interest activist groups that one of my opponents, Joe Kaufman is directly involved with.

3- I have no ties to lobbyist or political hacks and talking points, like another candidate Karen Harrington has.

4- And finally, I am connecting to the people by talking with them, actually listening to them and pledge to work for all the people in the district no matter what their race, their financial status, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. No other candidate has taken this pledge, in fact, both Joe Kaufman and Karen Harrington have refused, which means that they will not fight for all the people or represent all the people in the district. As far as losing and supporting another candidate, I am not going to lose, but if I did, I will support the winner, if he/she takes my pledge to fight for all the people. If he or she doesn’t, I will probably stay on the sidelines, because it is about the people and they need full representation and someone who will represent their personal needs.

4) Will Republicans win Florida? Is President Obama losing Florida? Why?

The Republicans will win Florida for several reasons, one is the big Jewish constituency that exists and because of his lack of support of Israel. The support Obama has given to such people as the Muslim Brotherhood, the rebels in Egypt which turns out to be the Brotherhood, the rebels in Tunisia, Libya which once again is the Brotherhood and Al-Queda and the rebels in Syria. Plus his stance with Iran all wanting the destruction of Israel.

Debbie and Obamacare bill (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), has destroyed senior health care in this country, putting all senior lives at stake with a panel of politicians, who will decide whether to live or die, if they are very sick. The Obama administration will input this panel as part of Obamacare bill. Debbie and the Obamacare bill has taken away seniors right to make their own personal decisions of the seniors health care with their families and doctors, when it comes to their catastrophic health care needs. If seniors are very sick (the older you are, you will get less than nothing to make you better). Whether they might need an operation or special medicine, whether Obama politician panel will spend the money to make sure seniors receive the medical attention that is required to heal there sickness (cost effective versus age and illness). This is another reason, why Debbie and Obama will lose seniors, Florida and District 20.

Plus of course the economy which is horrible. Over taxed, over regulated. Under the Obama administration, government has grown by leaps and bounds. They are making decisions for private sector business owners. EPA, Energy, Obamacare, Dodd/Frank Bill better known as (Financial Reform Act), has destroyed whatever confidence, that business owners may or might expand in the near future. According to Debbie, Obama has created or saved 2 million private sector jobs, that is a lie. The business owners in Florida and the rest of the country can’t wait to get rid of Obama and get a president that will restore confidence and create the atmosphere that will help create jobs and improve the economy in this country. I have talked to 100‘s of business owners per week for more than 8 years, which makes me an expert in what the business owners main concerns are and how to solve them. I listen to stories from business owners, being open for 30, 40 or even 50 years, sometimes from generations to generations that are now closing because of the uncertainty and the lack of freedom to operate their own business or the attack on their success. Some business owners have not taken a paycheck for as long as a year so they can either keep their employees or just so they can give their employees a paycheck. Some businesses have gone from 20 or 30 people down to just one or two people just to stay open. This is how bad the economy really is and not getting better anytime soon. With Obama pledging to end the Bush tax cuts next year it will cost the business owner even more to operate next year. All of this plus Obamacare increase taxes next year is the main reason that Obama and Debbie Wasserman Schultz has such a low poll ratings amongst the people in the district and the country and will continue to drop!

5) Give me your best estimate: What’s the percentage of Jewish voters that will be voting for you in the district?

I believe that if I can take away anywhere from 15 to 30 percent of Debbie’s Jewish support and if Obama and Debbie Wasserman Schultz continue to ignore and attack Israel and the Jewish community, it will be a lot more, maybe closer to 50%. Either way I will win the race at that time, because if Debbie loses the Jewish vote, she cannot win.

6) And another one: What’s the percentage of Jewish voters that will be voting for the Republican Presidential nominee?

Maybe the same amount, depending on who the candidate is. I was with Herman Cain here in Coral Springs this week, where we had more than 400 people during the day time. A lot of them came from the Jewish Community, supporters of Israel. Also earlier in the day at a senior center in Miami, they were actually dancing in the isles to Cain’s theme song. The support for a Republican candidate for both President and for Congress, especially here District 20, that everything indicates a big Republican win here in Florida.

7) Who is you favorite for the GOP Presidential ticket? Why?

My favorite GOP Presidential ticket is Herman Cain, because he is out of the box, a businessman who took failing companies and made them extremely successful and I believe he could also do the same with the country. Plus he came up with the 9-9-9 plan which I believe is a stepping stone away from the Fair Tax, which I support. Plus he is not a mainstream, establishment candidate, he is for the people which is exactly like me and my campaign.

8) What are you going to say about US-Israel relations in your campaign?

I am going to tell the people the facts, show them what Obama has done to lose the confidence of Israel and the Jewish community. His history of snubbing Netanyahu, attacking him on and off the air, the open mike incident, his policies that are hurting Israel and the Jewish community. His slip of the tongue when he said in a speech, that we should tax the Jews because they are rich. Plus tie Debbie Wasserman Schultz to all of this being the DNC Chair, which she now has to choose between her constituents and Obama and the DNC Chair. Because of that problem she has consistently chosen Obama and her DNC Chair over the people who got her in office. So by doing that she has thrown the Jewish community and Israel under the bus.