May 26, 2019

15 Seconds to Self-Belief & Cutting Through Fear

A thought for this week: Believe In Yourself & Do Something About It. Too often we can lack self-belief, or use fear to avoid doing the thing we know we can do. Fear keeps people clogged up, they spend their life in avoidance, and before they know it their time is up and they are in the hole (e.g. that hole. The one that is six feet under).

Moses lacks confidence in his abilities as a leader: “I have uncircumcised lips” (Ex: 6.30). Simply, he had to take action and ‘circumcise’ his lips by speaking up & doing the thing he was avoiding. Literal circumcision is a process of cutting some skin and folding it back to reveal what is beneath. Metaphorically we often need to ‘cut’ through an outer layer of fear to reveal our potential that was always lying beneath. ‘Circumcision of the heart’ might be seen as cutting through the blockages around our heart that stop us connecting with others or connecting with the things that are truly important to us.


Marcus is an actor & writer, living in LA. He is author of “The Kabbalah Sutras: 49 Steps to Enlightenment” –  More at