February 22, 2019

Ultimate Decade Review: The Gematria Revealed

We’ve seen lots of top ten lists about the 00’s over the past few weeks, but what do the numbers from the last ten years say about the decade itself? In the spirit of “nothing is coincidence,” we looked for numerical values to make visible possible invisible implications. This week, we uncover the Gematria of the 2000’s:

Gematria 101

Gematria is a system of calculating numerical value to a word or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other, or bear some relation to the number. Hidden meanings and words can be found by using values of the underlying letters (see chart). A good Gematria example is the Hebrew word Chai (“life”), which is composed of two letters which add up to 18. This has made 18 a “lucky number” among Jews, and gifts in multiples of $18 are very common. (Wikipedia)

Hanging Chads (2000): The controversial vote count in the heavily Jewish Broward County allowed George Bush to be elected president. History hung in the chads.

537 (Bush’s Margin of Victory) converts to Neshua Panim (“accepted person”). Maybe this influenced Al Gore to just accept the results and not (like many litigious Americans would) instigate a messy and disruptive legal challenge to the 537 count.

An additional insight is possible by summing the separate numerals: 5+3+7 = 15. This translates to Ayahd (“calamity and ruin”) or Dava (“sick” or “sad”) – all predictive of the unfortunate Bush presidency, from September 11th and Katrina to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Madoff’s Ponzie Scheme (2008):  Bernie Madoff scammed everyone including the Hadassah ladies and holocaust survivor Elie Weisel.

150 (Madoff’s Prison Sentence) converts to meaning both Kane (“nest”) and Amali (“hardship”). He certainly created hardship for all of his clients’ nest eggs. Bernie’s trusting victims were Yikani (“humbled”) and hold justifiable Ki-ace (“anger’).

And if anyone had looked at Madoff’s home address (133 East 64th), we might have been tipped off. The 133 translates to Ganaf (“cover” or “hide”), Gafen (“bent” or “curved”) and Negef (“plague”). Maybe a little Jewish numerology would be helpful in choosing your next money manager?

Spitzer: The Jewish Tiger Woods? (2008): NY Governor Eliot Spitzer resigns amidst revelations of erotic escapades and hypocritical behavior.

9 (Spitzer’s client number at his “escort service”) represents Ahdad (“strong”) and Ove (“hollow”). Our hugely embarrassing elected Jew turned out to be a morally vacuous, Ivy-league-educated bully sheriff.  The gematria for 9 also speaks to covering, concealing and cheating. Finally, the word Hagah (“exile”) is where Spitzer might remain when it comes to public life – except for possible future fame as an SNL character.

Footnote: We planned to analyze Tiger Wood’s situation based on his number of mistresses. Unfortunately, the number continues to increase everyday and we are concerned it ultimate will exceed the limits of the Gematria table.

First Black President (2009)
Barrack Hussein Obama was sworn into office in January as the country’s first black president.

349 (Obama’s Electoral Votes) adds up to Ruach S’ah (“a rushing or violent wind”). For a junior senator with an Islamic middle name, it took nothing less than a whirlwind campaign and several fortuitous changes in the political weather to blow Change into the White House. Detractors might look to a different mathematical interpretation: Makteer (“incense”). Are the heady, sweet words Obama used to win the election nothing more than a smoke screen? Only Time and the Gematria will tell.

Sources: Spice of Torah Gematria by Gutman Locks (Judaica Press, 1985), Billhedric.com and a number of Hebrew Lexicon books. The alphabet conversion table can be found at Jewishfaq and the explanation text from Wikipedia.