JWed to Launch Virtual Dating Initiative Amid Coronavirus Spread

March 9, 2020
Photo courtesy of JWed.

As concerns about coronavirus increase around the globe, Jewish online dating site JWed is working to ensure couples can still find their bashert with its latest initiative, virtual dating.

JWed CEO Ben Rabizadeh, who also has a doctorate in pharmacy from Rutgers University, has been monitoring the spread of the coronavirus since mid-January. Because many single people are quarantining themselves, Rabizadeh, sees the impact it could have on dating.

“JWed is doing everything we can to mitigate the toll the virus may have on the dating lives of Jewish singles,” Rabizadeh said in a statement to the Journal. “By providing the option to date from home, JWed can continue to help singles find their soulmates during these challenging times.”

After it is up and running this month, JWed virtual dating will include a video chat and a date scheduler to simulate in-person dates with JWed users anywhere in the world.

As of now, JWed has not heard reports of couples being impacted, but JWed has received positive feedback regarding the virtual dating product from its consumers.

“We envision a virtual dating experience that mirrors the authenticity of a night out in Central Park — daters will still dress up, have stimulating conversations, and engage in the same witty banter that they’d expect on an in-person date,” Rabizadeh said. “The only difference will be the screen between them.”

JWed pairs Jewish singles together from all around the world including different Jewish upbringings. They match people from Reform and unaffiliated to Conservative, Orthodox or Chassidic communities. It has successfully matched more than 3,000 people and serve people in the United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa and France.

Currently there are 116 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in California, 142 in New York, 11 in New Jersey and 42 in Israel. Three attendees of the AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C., also tested positive for the virus.

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