Nazi Party Applications Reportedly Distributed in Indiana Park

Anti-Semitic pamphlets were also reportedly handed out.
August 12, 2020
Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Two men reportedly distributed “Nazi political party” applications as well as anti-Semitic pamphlets at a park in Henryville, Ind., on Aug. 8.

A photo of the two men, both of whom were wearing long-sleeved white shirts, trousers and armbands with swastikas on them, has gone viral on social media. Newsweek reported that the applications were titled “American Nazi Party” and “Official Supporter Application” and the pamphlets stated, “BE PART OF THE SOLUTION” and featured a swastika.

Henryville resident Karen Miller Munk told Newsweek that the two men were a father and his son.

“My husband walked up and asked what they were doing and the father stated [he was] ‘spreading the word of white power,’ ” Munk told Newsweek. “The father said he was a Marine. The mother showed up bringing the guys lunch. She was mouthy. The guys were there to spread the word, she was there to confront nonbelievers.”

She added that people kept telling the two men and the woman to leave.

“Cops were called out and determined that since it was public property, that they weren’t doing anything wrong,” Munk said.

One of the men in the photo, identified as Dylan Anderson, told Newsweek that he was exercising his right to freedom of speech.

“Multiple people came over under their own will and ask questions and took literature and pamphlets,” he said. “We were polite and we were not rude or used foul language or racial slurs. I have just as much rights as anyone else to voice my opinions.”

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted, “Disturbed by reports from Indiana, where people wearing Nazi paraphernalia handed out Nazi ‘applications.’ This type of blatant recruitment & propagation of #hate has no place in our society.”


The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) tweeted that the organization is “is appalled but not surprised to learn that applications to join the [N]azi [P]arty were being distributed in Henryville, Indiana. Antisemitism forms the core of white supremacy and white nationalism.”

The Indianapolis JCRC added in a subsequent tweet: “What’s most jarring is that such news is no longer shocking as the increased expressions of white nationalism continue to threaten our society. As we do with all instances of antisemitism, we will work with our partners at the @ADLMidwest.”

Democratic State Rep. Gregory W. Porter said in a statement that he was “appalled” at the two men distributing Nazi Party applications.

“Hoosiers need to step away from the notion that it is enough to be upset for the Jewish community,” Porter said. “Hoosiers need to realize that the Jewish community is also their community. This principle applies across the board for Hoosiers of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities and religions. Hate against one of us is hate against all of us.”

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