September 18, 2019

Care about Iran? You’re more likely to vote Romney

Take a quick look at the following two tables from PEW’s recent report on the politics ‎of Election 2012. These are the topics voters think are important by order:‎


And these are the same priorities divided by party:‎


Note these things:‎

‎1.‎ While voters preferring Obama say they care about foreign policy more than ‎Romney-leaning voters (+6%), all of the issues Obama voters really care most ‎about are domestic issues.‎

‎2.‎ Weirdly, while Obama-leaning voters say they care about foreign policy, ‎Democratic voters are the least interested in foreign policy. Forty-nine percent ‎of Democrats list this topic as “very important” compared to 58% of ‎Republicans (and 50% of Independents).‎

‎3.‎ ‎ Foreign policy aside, those who care much more (+14%) about Iran would ‎vote for Romney.‎

‎4.‎ But the real gap on Iran is not between Republicans and Democrats. He least ‎interested group is Independents (43%, compared to 56% of Republicans and ‎‎47% of Democrats).‎

‎5.‎ In fact, Iran is the only significant “foreign” and “security-related” topic on ‎which there’s a meaningful gap between Obama-leaning and Romney-leaning ‎voters. Terrorism, as the pollsters of PEW report, “has declined in importance ‎as a voting issue… As recently as August 2010, 79% of Republicans and 71% ‎of independents said the issue of terrorism would be very important to their ‎vote in that fall’s midterm election. Today, 66% of Republicans and 52% of ‎independents rate terrorism as very important. Democrats also view terrorism ‎as somewhat less important than in previous campaigns (60% today, 68% in ‎‎2010). ‎

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