December 9, 2018

At Least Seven Dead As Hamas-Led Protesters Create Smoke Over Gaza Border

The Hamas-led riots at the Israel-Gaza border intensified on April 6, as at least seven protesters have died while protesters conjure smoke over the border.

Haaretz reports that, according to Hamas’ Gaza Health Ministry, the seven dead Palestinians were killed by the Israel Defense Force (IDF). An additional 1,070 were injured, but it appears that most of the injuries were due to smoke inhalation. The Gaza Health Ministry is claiming that 293 were wounded from the IDF.

The Times of Israel is reporting that the IDF is claiming that the protesters who were killed or hurt by the IDF were all members of Hamas and committing acts of violence.

“There were attempts to carry out acts of terrorism … using the smoke for cover,” IDF spokesman Rob Manelis said.

The IDF detailed Hamas’ use of smoke on Twitter:

The IDF then tweeted out a graphic highlighting how quickly Hamas terrorists could reach Israelis from the border:

The Palestinians are claiming that the smoke is due to Israel using some sort of nerve gas, despite the evidence to the contrary:

Here are some more scenes from the April 6 riots:

Around 20,000 protesters attended the April 6 riots, a decline from the estimated 30,000 a week earlier.

The riots at the border are all part of Hamas’ six week “March of Return” protests against the displacement of Arabs in the aftermath of Israel’s War of Independence. The riots are expected to escalate to May 15, the day after Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of being officially established as an independent Jewish nation. Hamas’ plan involves using civilians as human shields in order to penetrate the border and launch terror attacks against Israelis.