September 23, 2019

Ways of seeing: the sculptures of Arik Levy

Paris-based, Israeli-born sculptor and industrial designer Arik Levy makes sculptures that look like abstractversions of nature. His best-known pieces approximate contoured, reflective stainless steel rocks. The tension and harmony between the fabricated and the organic is at the heart of his work, and now Los Angeles audiences can see a survey of his career up close.

Levy is enjoying his first solo West Coast exhibition at Please Do Not Enter, a 2-year-old gallery space and boutique across from Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles. The exhibition, titled “Intimate Formations,” is the first local presentation of Levy’s work since a 2010 project at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. The show runs through July 11 and features 25 works, including wall-mounted prints, freestanding sculptures, neon art and paintings. The objects are equally diverse in their use of materials, ranging from stainless steel to neon and wood, bronze, brass and silvered glass. 

“What’s important for me is not how the work looks; it’s not the aesthetics,” Levy said in an interview at Please Do Not Enter (” target=”_blank”>