March 30, 2020

Avishay Artsy

In the era of #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and the grass-roots power of social media, many who have historically felt voiceless...
A new duo, Book of J, brings together gospel and bluegrass, klezmer and cantorial music for a unique twist on contemporary Jewish music.
The artist Man Ray led a productive and celebrated life in Paris, where he was a leading figure in the Dadaist and Surrealist movements...
Joe Frank, the acclaimed radio host and producer who created darkly comedic and philosophical narratives, died on...
The Klezmatics are rolling into Southern California once again to celebrate Yiddish culture as well as to perform festive Hanukkah songs penned by...
Enter the “Launch Sites LA: Ezra Orion Revisited” exhibition at American Jewish University (AJU) and you’ll see a virtual reality headset...
For the past 40 years, Israeli folk-rock singer-songwriter David Broza has been an advocate for peace, even when it proved unpopular.
Cuba has always intrigued curious tourists — a heady mix of cigar smoke, percussive jazz, Spanish colonial architecture and artfully preserved...
Veteran movie producer Howard Rosenman has long championed gay characters and gay themes in movies. His latest film, “Call Me by Your Name,”
There’s no question among reputable scholars and historians that the slaughter of 6 million Jews during World War II constitutes genocide.
The Wende Museum of the Cold War in Culver City is tucked away in an anonymous office park. But crammed inside the nondescript warehouse is...
As a style writer and fashion magazine editor, Joan Kron knows all about cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery. She wrote about them for 25 years as...
Amid the glittering glass-and-steel towers and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, office workers could be forgiven for seeking a quiet garden with a fountain..
Israel isn’t among the two dozen countries where most DACA recipients originate. But for various reasons these young Jews are caught in a legal limbo.
Artist Kimberly Brooks named her new show of recent oil paintings 'Brazen' because of the political climate after last year’s presidential election.
The incident is the subject of 'Death in the Terminal' a new documentary that premieres Sept. 6 on the entertainment and media website
Culinary historian Laura Shapiro’s new book, 'What She Ate,' profiles 6 women in history,  telling their life stories through their relationships with food.
U.S. Senator Al Franken’s high-profile grilling of several of President Trump’s nominees earlier this year thrust him into the spotlight.
The SIJCC launched the project, known as Culture Lab, in 2013. Other groups of Los Angeles-based artists have addressed the disparate themes like oil.
The nonprofit Jewish Women’s Theatre (JWT) was founded in 2008 to bring attention to voices within the Jewish community that don’t always get heard.
When Steven Lavine was offered the job as president of the CalArts in 1988, he wasn’t sure he could rescue the school from mounting debt.
In a back room of his Echo Park studio, ceramicist and sculptor Peter Shire retrieves a box of mezuzot that he designed.
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