The Life and Death of the Friendly Casket Company

February 17, 2016

Our chevrah kadisha had a long and established relationship with a local casket maker, who suddenly went out of business about two years ago. Until that time, our caskets had been of consistent quality and price; a dark blue flocked material covering pressboard with plastic nails and the cost was approximately $500. Suddenly, without a regular supplier, we turned to the market to look for a suitable replacement.

Our first series of caskets came from a small local upstart who were selling plain wooden Chinese manufactured cremation caskets for about $475. They were somewhat more decorative than our previous purchases, but we soon realized that cremation caskets aren’t necessarily designed to have several feet of dirt piled on top of them. There were a number of reports of caskets collapsing in the grave while shoveling was taking place. Further, if the meit was exceptionally heavy one could hear the bottom of the caskets cracking from the extra stress while in transit.

It was at this time I was approached by my chevrah to design and build a plain wooden casket to suit our needs. I researched the Internet for a number of different do-it-yourself plans, and called various friends in other communities for dimensions, materials, etc. of the caskets they were using.

Our first attempt used ¾” plywood which yielded a very heavy empty casket and this one still sits in our garage. I spent the next month in designing and implementng a number of changes, as requested by our chevrah; lighter weight, nicer wood, wooden instead of rope handles, a raised CNC cut Star of David . . . the list went on, but after five different prototypes we finally arrived at a design everyone was happy with, and I was pretty happy about meeting the price point of my cost of about $400.

Much of these savings were achieved by using 5/8” Chinese birch plywood and some very tricky joinery that would both carry a heavy load and not collapse under the weight of several tons of dirt. Each was hand built in a workshop that I had rented with a retired carpenter I was working with on some other projects.

Our night shomer chose the name of my informal company, the Friendly Casket Company, and things seemed to be going well. We had delivered about 50 caskets when one day I arrived for a Taharah and discovered a dozen navy blue caskets in the coffin room. To make a long story short, an employee from the bankrupt supplier had made arrangements with a coffin builder in China to construct a 40 foot container’s worth of caskets for us. His cost to us was $350 a casket which was the same cost as my raw materials. Shortly thereafter, the previous supplier of plain wooden cremation caskets brought his own container of caskets over and now sells his caskets for $350.

Our chevrah was good enough to pick up my remaining inventory at cost, but quite suddenly I was out of the casket business. I designed a good casket and would be happy to share plans and experiences with any chevrah considering making their own. Just be wary of Chinese competition.


Kerry Swartz is a member of the Community Chevra Kadisha in Vancouver and Victoria BC. He is a professionally trained photographer holding an MFA from Concordia University in Montreal. He is a student of the “>avod v’Nichum. Kerry is happily married with two teenagers who think his library is gross.







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