January 19, 2020

How Israel Is Setting the Pace in Global Sustainable Business Advances

At a recent conference held in Tel Aviv, several Israeli corporations gave presentations on the future of sustainability throughout the public, corporate, and private sectors, echoing the sentiments of the United States’ own Jim Bridgeforth President APG. As we advance further into the 21st Century, it is becoming increasingly clear that we must work harder to end our dependence on fossil fuels in the production of electricity. Not only will this benefit the planet we all share, but it will create a better economic climate for business growth.

A Comparison with U.S. Concerns


While Israel is recognized as a global leader in the movement towards a sustainable future, there are several U.S. concerns that are working diligently to offer choices in green energy to consumers around the country. Companies like American Power & Gas headquartered in Florida are making it possible for consumers to price gas and electricity from various providers, among which are those who pride themselves on advances in sustainable energy sources. It is the mission of APG to mirror efforts of Israel in the Middle East so that a more unified awakening can unfold. From large corporations such as Microsoft to Israel’s own Strauss, speakers explained the advantages and future of sustainable businesses around the globe. The focus of the conference was to better the lives of both employees and consumers and that is exactly the same mission as Jim Bridgeforth prides himself on as president of American Power & Gas.

It’s a Matter of Corporate Responsibility


What many companies aren’t aware of is that they have the largest generation of consumers to answer to. Millennials have surpassed Boomers in buying power and they demand corporate responsibility from businesses they deal with. Millennials are hugely concerned with sustainability going forward and as Israel is a global leader in this respect, they are a force to be studied. They, once again, have gotten the pulse of commerce and are paving the way for other countries to tie into the notion of corporate responsibility like Strauss in Israel and APG in the States.

Profits Across the Board


Not only can companies increase their customer base by focusing on sustainable solutions, but they can also profit from it as well. Sustainable energy can be much cheaper to manufacture and, as a result, can increase a company’s profit margin. In this light, Israel understands that sustainability is a multi-faceted benefit. Not only are we finding ways to halt the breakdown of the ozone layer, but we are seeking ways to fuel our industries at lower costs and higher profits. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

Together with companies like Israel’s Strauss and the United States’ American Power and Gas, companies around the globe are beginning to seek solutions to the depletion of our natural resources. There will come a day that the only way to produce energy is through renewable sources and at that time, Israel will be seen as an early pioneer of sustainable solutions. More global conferences are needed, but in the meantime, Jim Bridgeforth is a voice filling the silence and Israel a light in the darkness, together they are leading global corporations on the path to a sustainable future.