November 16, 2018

Ten Steps For Spiritual Growth

The aim of life should be to grow, to be better than we were yesterday, to find what makes us special and to use that gift to give back in order to help others grow.  Part of the definition of love is helping another grow.  To grow- we need to move away from negativity and hatred, and move in the direction of love.  Love is what helps us grow.    Ten suggestions for spiritual growth:

1- Surround yourself with people you admire.  Follow those who can show you how to live and how to love.  Choose mentors and model their lives.  Befriend those who expand your horizons as well as those who challenge your beliefs.

2- Walk away from noise.  We are constantly bombarded by unnecessary information that distract us from our goals, that drag us down.  Too many people weight us down with pettiness and gossip.  It’s easy to be caught up with the trivial.  That's why reality shows are wildly popular.  But that's how we shrink- not grow.  Walk away from the unimportant.  Don’t engage every argument.  Sometimes silence is the best answer.

3- Read in a quiet place.  Empty your mind and read.  Read what makes you fall in love.  Read what makes you cry.  Read what makes your spirit soar.

4- Consider listening to a TED talk weekly.  Experts in every field spend 18 minutes to squeeze the essence of their lives in a presentation.  Open yourself and be inspired.

5- Just as athletes cross-train, learn from multiple disciplines.  Excellence exists everywhere- in art, music, poetry, business, medicine, technology, even politics.  Cross-train your mind and your spirit.  Learn from other faiths and subject that you have not explored before. As van Gogh said- love deeply and many things.

6- Routinely do what makes you uncomfortable.  Find out why you are afraid in that zone.  Figuring out vulnerabilities is the best way to access the courage to grow.

7- Learn to enjoy solitude.  If you are not comfortable with your own thoughts alone, you will not grow.  Be alone together with a friend. 

8- Fall in love with nature.  Look and look again.  Learn to be awed both by the magnificent rainbow and by the common dawn.

9- Look for magic. Where everyone sees the mundane, find a miracle.

10- Pray.  Pray to whatever intangible force that inspires you.  Pray to the God inside your heart.  Pray not to change God, but so that you can feel closer to the Source.

Do something that’s not on this list.