Singer Dua Lipa Shares Instagram Post Calling the Israeli Gov’t Fake Jews

June 1, 2020
LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 05: Dua Lipa attends The Global Awards 2020 at Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith on March 05, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

British singer Dua Lipa shared a now deleted Instagram post on May 31 calling Israeli government officials fake Jews and accusing the United States and Israel of creating Hamas.

The Jerusalem Post reported Lipa, 24, shared the post from Vin Arfuso, a U.S.-based director. The post showed various Israel Defense Forces soldiers surrounding a blindfolded Palestinian.

“While everybody’s in the mood to talk about human rights, this is what happens EVERYDAY in Palestine, paid for by our tax payer dollars,” the post read. “The big bad tough guys of the #IDF thoroughly enjoy beating and shooting children. They even have shirts that depict a pregnant Palestinian woman with a sniper scope on her stomach that reads ‘1 shot two kills.’ But don’t worry, they’re all terrorist (sic) so it’s all good. We totally understand.”

The post then argues that the term “Free Palestine” is just a call for the Palestinian people to have their freedom and sovereignty.

“The only ‘justification’ as to why they don’t deserve freedom is because ‘Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel,’” the post reads. “Which is utterly HYSTERICAL [because] the United States (fake Christians in the Midwest) and Israel (fake Jewish [people] in the Israeli government) created Hamas SIMPLY for all of you geniuses to believe that Hamas is the reasons for the decades worth of occupation, oppression, ethnic cleansing, and MURDER.”

Arfuso’s post goes on to state that he’s not against the Jewish people or Judaism as a religion, he just wants the Palestinian people to be free.

“For years, the Palestinians have recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace/security and only ask for their independence. If wanting equality and justice is ‘anti-Semitic,’ then we all have way bigger problems.”

The post came under criticism on social media.

“Hey @DUALIPA you shared a post calling *over SIX MILLION Jews* ‘fake Jews’ & supports the genocide anti-Semitic organization Hamas, calling for the murder of my entire family,” Israel-based writer Hen Mazzig tweeted. “When the next synagogue shooter googles ‘Zionist temples’ and ‘fake Jews’ we will remember your part.”

Israellycool blogger David Lange wrote, “It would be naive to think her sharing such a post will not have an impact in terms of influencing many of her 46.4 million followers. Just like it would be naive to think we could say anything right now to make her realize the error of her ways. We can only hope there are other influential celebrities out there with huge followings willing to post the truth about Israel and even call Lipa out for sharing this post.”

Representatives for Lipa did not respond to the Journal’s request for comment.

Lipa is a two-time Grammy Award winner. Her hits include “Don’t Start Now,” “One Kiss,” and “New Rules.”

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