How Are Moms Handling COVID-19? We Asked Their Kids.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked children how their moms have stepped up during this pandemic.
May 6, 2020
Tallulah and Katie Younger

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked children how their moms have stepped up during this pandemic and we asked moms how they’ve navigated their new roles while in quarantine. Here’s what they had to say.

Some of the submissions have been edited for length and clarity. You can read what their moms had to say here.


Noami Ackerman portrait by daughter Ella Harrington

Our mom is a positive role model
We wanted to give a shout out to our mom, Naomi Ackerman, for being so thoughtful and caring during this quarantine. Not only has she managed to navigate raising three children during a pandemic, she has been working to help countless people outside of our family as well. She has spent hours collecting games, cards and materials to donate and deliver to lockup facilities and juvenile centers across Los Angeles. Even though she has been working remotely, she makes it a point to bake challah with us every Thursday night so that we are able to go out Friday and deliver them to family friends and members of our synagogue who may not have access to a store to buy challah. She is constantly thinking about how to help others while encouraging us to do the same. We are so lucky to be growing up with such a positive role model in our lives and are so grateful for all that she has done to make this quarantine more manageable.

Love you very much, Mom.
Zohar (16), Ella (14) and Hadar (12) Harrington  


My mom makes quarantine fun
Hey, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you so much. I love how in quarantine you’ve scheduled all these things like the Lego challenge that we get to do with me and my friends. It’s also so nice how you’ve been scheduling my days. It’s just awesome. Thank you. I love spending time with you. More time with you now.
Grover Siegel (12)

Lara Rodin

My mom is my loudest cheerleader
For my mom, Andria. My loudest cheerleader, my personal chef and chauffeur.
A shoulder to cry on, a hand that is always there to pick me up when I fall.
Each of your moments you give to others. How do you find a moment for yourself? For my mom, my best friend, my most trusted confidant. Thank you.
Happy Mother’s Day.
Lara Rodin
— Canada


Noa Kligfeld

Our mom provides endless support
For my mother, Havi Kligfeld. While working full days, helping my siblings (Ayden, 16, and Lev, 8) in online school, and entertaining them when they don’t have class, my mom still puts incredible dinners on the table every night. Ima, your empathy, patience, sense of humor and seemingly endless support lift our family. I love you.
Noa Kligfeld (18)


Becca and Josh Cohn

Our mom is super mom
To our mom, Sherri Cohn. Dear Mom, we love you so much and are extremely lucky to have a mother who loves us unconditionally. We are sorry that your birthday and Mother’s Day have fallen during quarantine but it will definitely be a year to remember. You are Super Mom because you’ve been working at home, cooking, walking the dog, cleaning and giving us the support we need to make quarantine not too bad. You are incredible and never forget that.
Love you more than words can explain.
Becca and Josh Cohn 


Riley Jackson

My mom is a hero
For my mom, Shauna Jackson. A hero can be defined in several ways, and these days, I have been thinking even more about who our true heroes are in this world.

Some heroes care for you when you’re sick — we call them doctors and nurses.
Some heroes would run into a burning building just to save you — we call them firefighters.
Some heroes enforce rules to help keep you safe — we call them law enforcement.
Some heroes educate you and impart important life lessons — we call them teachers.
Some heroes help you when you’re struggling emotionally — we call them psychologists.
Some heroes feed you when you’re hungry — we call them bakers and chefs.
Some heroes advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves — we call them lawyers.
Some heroes help answer life’s most challenging questions — we call them scientists.
Some heroes take you anywhere you need to go and help you navigate the world — we call them drivers and pilots.
Some heroes find simple solutions to complex problems — we call them inventors and entrepreneurs.
Some heroes fill our lives with beauty, culture and music — we call them artists.
Some heroes  put their lives on the line just to save yours — we call them soldiers and first responders.
Some heroes will always have your back and drop anything to be there for you — we call them best friends.
And some heroes do all of the above, and more — I call her Mom.

Thank you for everything you do for me, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you!
Riley Jackson (14)


Photo courtesy of Chloe Ross

A mom for all seasons
Neshe is the best mom, grandma and woman I know. She has raised eight amazing and beautiful children, who in return brought her beautiful and loving grandchildren, created a designer home and welcomed me as art into her family for over 20 years. Happy Mother’s Day, Neshe. With great affection.
Chloe Ross

Shelly Davis and her mom

My mom is my favorite art collaborator
During quarantine, I’ve been struggling a lot with my mental health but my mom has been my savior through this time. One of the many things we love to do together is travel and make art. My mom suggested we work on this documentary film we’ve been talking about making for ages. It’s important during this time to find something to keep you busy and filled with joy and passion. My mom has motivated me to get up in the morning and I would be lost without her. Here’s to the amazing woman who knows exactly how to challenge me to be my best self. Thank you for being my best friend and my favorite art collaborator. I love you.
Shelley Davis (22)

Sharona Hassidim

My mom is a hero without a cape
My mother has been the rock of my family many years before quarantine. My mother’s built-in sensors would wake her up in the middle of the night to tend to my sister and me for any panic-ridden situation. Flash forward to quarantine, even while feeling under the weather herself, she wanted to get out of bed to cook dinner for the family. Obviously we didn’t let her and, in turn, I learned how to cook Moroccan fish for the first time. As a front-line social worker, my mother motivated me to continue my work even through my fears, and when my work hours were cut and I lost the normalcy of having a schedule, she supported my new hobbies of gardening and cooking, and motivated me to remain positive. My mother is a hero without a cape and a constant pillar of strength for my family.
Thanks, Mom, for everything you do.
Sharona Hassidim


Hudson and his mom Hillary Helstein

My mom keeps me safe
I just turned 7 during quarantine. I don’t like the coronavirus pandemic. It makes me feel sad. The playgrounds are closed and I can’t go to first grade anymore, and I can’t even see people. My mom, Hilary, keeps me safe and tries to calm me. She helps me with things. I love that I can cook together with her and we play together and take walks every day. I love you so much, Mommy. Thank you for being my mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
Hudson Helstein (7)


Amelia and Hilary Teeman

Mom is guiding us through the worst times
To my Mom, Hilary. Our mom is the one who guides us through the worst times possible. She is the one who cares for the whole family without being asked to. She is the one who talks to us nicely when we have done something wrong. She is the best at cooking and doing things that she knows we will love. The awesome thing about our mom is that she will do anything to make our family happy. She doesn’t care if she has to wake up at 2 a.m. to buy food online, she just thinks of us. Our mom is the best mom to get us through tough times. To sum it up, our mom is the best mom in our family’s heart!
Amelia Teeman


Hayley Goldstein

My mom is a great teacher
My mom’s name is Cara Shapiro. She is the best mom in the entire world and she does really nice things for me all the time. My mom has made staying at home for the quarantine way more fun. She bakes with me, we go on walks and we watch movies together. She also helps me with my schoolwork and she’s a great teacher! I am lucky to have a mom like her and I drew this picture for her for Mother’s Day.
Hayley Goldstein (9)


Tallulah and Katie Younger

My mama makes me smile
For my mom, Katie.
Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate mothers around the world. What a great way to show how much we kids — and adults — care about our mothers. Because no mother goes unnoticed. There are truly no words to describe the love I feel for my mama. When I think of my mama, I smile. Maybe not always externally but always internally. She brings me joy. Her mere presence brings a new kind of happiness to me, no matter how I feel. I could talk endlessly about how amazing my mother is as a person. I would do anything to make her happy because I care about her. So as Mother’s Day draws nearer, let’s acknowledge the things, even the little things, that mothers, not just our mothers, do for the world. They’re super.
Tallulah Younger (11)

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