This Hanukkah, Jews are Buying Jewish

As the December holiday season approaches, many Jews have sought to purchase gifts specifically from Jewish-owned stores and brands in an effort to show solidarity with the Jewish people.
December 1, 2023
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The October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel have unleashed a wave of antisemitism that has changed many facets of everyday life for Jewish communities around the world—even the way many shop for Hanukkah gifts.

As the December holiday season approaches amid this precarious new context, many Jews have sought to purchase gifts specifically from Jewish-owned stores and brands in an effort to show solidarity with the Jewish people.

Several nonprofit organizations have launched new platforms and initiatives to help connect Jewish consumers with Jewish businesses this holiday season.

StopDontShop.org, a website created by StopAntisemitism, ranks businesses on several measures of antisemitism, flagging offending statements and actions for users. For those companies that rank poorly, StopDontShop offers alternative brands that consumers can patronize instead.

This trend has also been embraced by the influencer community. Blogger Liz Teich, who goes by “The New York Stylist” on social media, compiled a list of Israeli and Jewish-owned brands to support. Investor and social media creator Kira Mackenzie Jackson made a TikTok and Instagram series on the subject. Best Products aggregated a list of shoppable products from Jewish-owned companies.

Several leading Jewish-owned businesses are based in Los Angeles.

Tieks, for example, is a Los Angeles-based luxury shoe brand that designs some of the most sought-after ballet flats in the industry. Tieks’ special edition flats often sell out within hours of hitting the market, and many rare colorways and designs sell for three to four times their value on resale sites. A Facebook group known as “Tieks Anonymous,” a hub where users can keep up on new releases and product drops, boasts more than 46,000 members.

Over the last two months since the devastating October 7th terrorist attacks, Tieks has mobilized its following to support Israeli terror victims and the fight against antisemitism, raising a combined $397,198.

“As a proud Jewish-owned business, it’s imperative to use our company as a vehicle to provide support to the Jewish community during this time of great need,” said Kfir Gavrieli, founder and CEO of Tieks. “We’ve tapped into the compassion and creativity of our team and fans to support the victims of terror and hate both in Israel and in the diaspora.”

In addition to Tieks, here are some other local, Jewish-owned brands to patronize for holiday shopping this season.

Aharon Coffee

This Beverly Hills coffee mainstay draws influence from its namesake’s Israeli-Moroccan roots. Aharon’s exotic blends fuel everyone from the buzzing professionals at nearby agencies to social media creators and coffee connoisseurs from all over the city. Aharon is currently subsidizing their product so customers may purchase coffee at a discounted price to be donated to those affected by the October 7th attacks.

Dream Pops

The L.A. holiday season means Angelenos are among the rare few who will be warm enough to enjoy frozen treats as part of Hanukkah’s dessert offerings. Dream Pops’ ice cream confections are vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. With each plant-based serving clocking in at roughly 100 calories, one can balance out other caloric indulgences like brisket and latkes this Hanukkah.

EF Collection

For those feeling generous, look to EF Collection for jewelry. These investment pieces are crafted to stand the test of time and be passed down l’dor v’dor. Designed by Emily Faith Strauss, these modern heirlooms use durable materials like 14-karat gold, precious and semi-precious stones, and enamel so they can last for many generations to come.

SET Active

For friends who are looking to prioritize their health as part of their New Year’s resolutions, help them stay motivated by gifting them premium workout gear. SET Active offers high-quality basics that blend form and function. SET Active’s mid-range price point is great for those on a gift list, like roommates or siblings, who deserve something a little nicer without breaking the bank.


Tieks rounds out the list of Jewish-owned companies to consider when gift-giving this Hanukkah season. Tieks’ smartly crafted split sole ballet flats are foldable—this means one can easily store them in their bag for commutes or when they need relief from a long night of heels. Constructed with high-end Italian leather, these luxurious shoes are stylish, yet durable.


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