Getting Ready for the Big (wedding) Day!

December 2, 2018

You said yes! Now what? A thousand thoughts must be running through your mind and not the least of which is that you want to look fabulous for your wedding!! You want your skin to glow and no bags under your eyes because you could not sleep the night before your wedding due to all the excitement! Not to mention that when you look into your loved one’s eyes when you say “I do” you want them to melt into those gorgeous eyes of yours rimmed with long beautiful eyelashes! So how do you get your skin to say “I do” on your wedding day also?

I did some research and checked out the top recommended products on various magazines and Rodan & Fields caught my eye. They had great reviews in more than one reputable magazine not just for excellent products but also they are a DTC; direct to the consumer company, which means their consultants are small business entrepreneurs and I am all about supporting home based businesses!

I contacted a consultant; Lori Jakiela and asked her about the product. She uses the products herself and of course that is the highest recommendation. Lori said that in preparation for your wedding, she recommends you use the solutions tool that I mention below to see what products will work best for your skin type.

Then, for spectacular eyes, Lori recommends lash boost. This is a product that R & F is known for and has proven results! They are longer, fuller and darker looking. No fake lashes for you on your wedding day! Lori emphasized that clean eating and lots of hydration is half the battle won and combined with these amazing products, you will see beautiful results.

Achieving a radiant, wedding-worthy complexion is a time investment, so it is recommended that you start right away.  We all know that unless it’s plastic surgery change does not happen overnight! Also, as you will be introducing a new skin care, from cleansers to sunless tanners, you should start no less than a month or two before the big date date, so you can eliminate any products that trigger even the slightest irritation.  If you don’t have any complex skin care concerns, and you want smoother, softer, more even-looking skin—exfoliation is one of the safest, simplest ways to get your skin glowing. Even the best makeup won’t truly hide the look of uneven skin texture, so R & F suggests adding the micro-dermabrasion paste to your chosen regimen, which uses sugar and sea salt to gently scrub your skin. This paste will remove old, built-up skin cells and allow younger, more vibrant cells to appear on the surface and your skin will look brighter after just one use. I have actually used a few samples of this paste myself and it really does give you a glow after one or two uses. BTW, as you are working directly with the company, it means you have a coach and consultant to help you every step of the way. Not some nameless customer service rep on the phone.

Since this is also Hanukkah, they have fantastic specials on that you might want to order as gifts right now! So this is the best time to get these products at a great price, get your skin in great shape and start growing those lashes!

Lori said to use this solutions tool, (click on the link) to go through the questionnaire and see the products Rodan and Fields recommends for your particular skin type. Of course if you have questions you could also check in with Lori. Her contact info is at the end of this post.

On a personal note; as a wedding planner I am aware that many couples are on a budget and that the wedding often erases any and all savings that they may have had. This company not only has amazing products, you can join their community of entrepreneurs and either earn some money as a side income or become your own boss and experience connections with great people, opportunities for personal growth and your own business in the skincare industry.  Lori tells me that their consultants are an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurial individuals who all share a love for the R+F life. This could not only be a chance to have fabulous skin in time for your wedding and maintain it for the rest of your life, but also add some extra cash to your pocket for spending on your honeymoon!

I would love for any brides-to-be out there who are going to try these products, to contact Lori with before and after photos. But… this is not just for brides….. if your bridesmaids or any of the bridal party want to start a get-healthy-and-glowing challenge we will post their pics too! Just remember, being healthy and looking great is a lifetime commitment! Don’t just do it for the wedding day.

R+F has a regimen for various skin types and each one has its own approach. For instance don’t exfoliate if you have a skin concern like adult acne. Instead consider the UNBLEMISH regimen, which targets blemishes and works to prevent future breakouts. If you’ve developed brown spots from sun exposure or hyperpigmentation, the REVERSE Regimen helps to visually brighten and even skin tone. (You might even get away with wearing less makeup.) As the most impressive results are seen over time, plan accordingly. If the wedding is less than a month away, their cardinal rule is to only stick with products that are currently compatible (or are extremely gentle) with your skin. Click on the solutions tool to check what will work best for you.

What should you avoid? In the last two or three weeks, don’t even consider in-office dermatological procedures (like chemical peels or laser treatments) and resist any last-minute temptations to try new treatments. Keep up your natural glow by staying hydrated and moisturizing your skin. Last-minute facials (except gentle exfoliation) are off-limits, as are touching, picking or squeezing, which can all irritate skin. Finally, avoid unnecessary stress and over-cleansing which can cause breakouts. Wear a hat where possible when you are in the sun and apply your sunscreen all the time! Again try these ahead of time so that your skin is used to the new products and you can find a formula that works with your makeup. Ultimately, through thick and thin, your skin is with you for life—so be good to it always.

You can contact Lori by clicking here if you have questions or click here to start shopping!

Thank you for spending time with me! Keep following me for fun articles and reviews about destination weddings and honeymoon venues, delicious wines and food and of course great skin care and nutritional products.



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