Summer Lovin… Happened so fast!

August 14, 2018

It is not just the summer lovin that happened so fast… summer is almost over! Officially that is. Fortunately Los Angeles has its own summer months…In fact it’s most of the year! Lucky us! These hot August nights in Los Angeles remind me of the ever popular Grease musical; especially the song Summer Lovin…   since summer is the most popular time for romantic events such as weddings and engagements, although those happen more towards the end of the year. Actually considering the variety of events we get booked for, it is probably the most popular time for any event! I don’t know about you but there is something really special about sitting outdoors with your favorite person(s), as the sun sets with a cool glass of wine (or whatever works for you) and relaxing especially after a long day at work.

Summer is really a popular time for outdoor wedding venues.

Especially when they  transform into a fairytale setting after sunset. Imagine the gorgeous bride walking down the aisle with all the trees sparkling, the fragrance of the flowers permeating the space and candles setting the tone for the most romantic evening of the couple’s life! Yes… I love planning and catering outdoor weddings or events of any description actually including BBQ’s, wine tastings and especially beach proposals! I think they captured the mood perfectly in the picture below!

I always wondered where the tradition of the June bride came from…

Surely it could not just be the gorgeous weather, so I did a little research and was fascinated to learn the tradition dates back to Roman times when they celebrated the festival of the deity Juno and his wife Jupiter, who was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, on the first day of June. In Victorian times, the tradition is thought to have continued because there were flowers available for wedding décor, and the scent of the flowers masked body odor.  How romantic!!? Of course nowadays you can get flowers year-round and almost everybody wears deodorant, but summer is still popular for weddings in general. This is due to it being the easiest time of year for most brides and grooms to take extended leave from work and time away from the office is more flexible between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Not such a romantic reason but practical. In Europe whole cities shut down in August for vacation. If there are kids involved in the wedding; coordinating school schedules any other time of year is a complete nightmare.

Destination weddings are seasonal of course, depending on whether the couple wants tropical, beach or mountains which usually results in better rates as wedding venues aren’t as packed as they are the remainder of the year.

As perfect as summertime is considered for weddings here in the US, this is also the most expensive time of the year for wedding or any event venues. Weekends being the most expensive but Sundays and weekdays are reasonable and the best deals can be found there so if not having your wedding on a Saturday is OK with the couple, then they have great venues at a reasonable rate available to them and they are often totally negotiable!

Some of my favorite summer activities are BBQ’s and wine tastings.

Especially those that take place around a pool or rooftop with a stunning view! If you follow us you will be notified of some of the fun events you can attend. We have them all year round but summertime is my favorite and we get really creative with the tasting, wines and venues. This past weekend we had a fun wine tasting at the Rooftop of Heritage Fine Wines in Beverly Hills with delicious food and great wines for our guests to try and then purchase if they love the wine. Think of it as bringing the wineries to our venues here locally and recreating the winery tasting rooms here in Los Angeles! Here is the link if you are interested in joining us next time. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. https://www.signatureeventsla.net

Many of the best pairings we have experienced  are chocolates with wine or champagne. Some say pairing wine with chocolate cannot be done, but if you choose the right wine to complement the right chocolate it can be quite amazing. Whether you are pairing the sometimes subtle, creamy nuances of a delicate white chocolate or the lively bold tones of dark chocolate with a favorite wine, we keep things simple and start with a wine that is slightly sweeter than the chocolate or chocolate-themed dessert. More about this another time but if you want to try this first hand join us at our next event.

Thank you for spending your time with me. See you next time for more tips on food, event planning, fabulous venues for your events and much more



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