Learn About Car Garages Options and their Maintenance Requirements

April 26, 2017

Cars have become part of the everyday life and as such, they to deserve a haven to retreat to at the end of the day. It is good to know what is available and, therefore, make an informed choice as you incorporate your needs. Here are some of the more popular garage examples.

Size is a key issue to look out for when making a decision. The number of cars, the vehicle type, and how much space would you want, play a role in deciding on the size and is best addressed by the following types of garages.

1. Single Garage

As the name suggests, this type is the simplest. It is a space that accommodates an average sized car and offers comfortable space for passengers to exit and board the vehicle.

2. Double Garage

This type appeals to the homeowner who needs enough parking ports for two vehicles. It then follows that for two averaged-sized vehicles, you need double space, generally 300 square feet, which can always change to take care of the customer’s preference.

3. Tandem Garage

In this type of garages, vehicles are parked in a tail-nose order. They are not common among homes, however, families with two vehicles and end up using only one, may be attracted to such a garage.

When it comes to the attachment to the main house, two types of car garages are evident. They are two garage types, namely;

1. Attached Garage

If you want a direct link to your car, this is the garage for you. The unit is connected to the main house, and in most cases, it adds to the beautiful design of the home.

2. Detached Garage

Some of the more common designs of homes include a garage unit besides or behind a house. What separates the main house and the unit, is a driveway that can be connected by a breezeway or a roof. For some homeowners, this space has become an extra carport addition to the compound.

Construction Materials


Now that you do have an idea on what type of garage you would want, the second consideration that is equally important is the material to be used to construct the carport. Whatever material you settle on, depends with the prevailing environment’s natural calamities, security issues in the neighborhood, durability as well as your preference. So one can make units from steel, wood or aluminum.

Garage Doors

There are several types of doors available to you when constructing your next car-housing unit. They include the following.

1. Roll up

This is the most common type of door and is also known as a raised-panel door. The ease of use attracts many to it, and with technological advancements, the door panels are automated with a sensor feature that detects your car approaching and automatically opens as well as closes when you exit.

2. Swing out

In this type, the garage doors open like normal doors, that is, they swing out. In many instances, the system has two doors.

For whatever choice you make on the garage door, it is prudent for you to consider the servicing needs of the garage doors. The best way to maintain and service the garage doors is to adopt a preventive maintenance approach which is cost-effective and a measure of safety. Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Listening and Looking

This is the best option. Every time the door is in use, check out for any anomalies.

2. Tighten All Parts

Due to the constant operation of the system, vibrations and movements cause bolts to lessen. Check them out and tighten those that need securing.

3. Inspect and Servicing The Rollers

It is advisable to conduct professional servicing at least twice a year. For any rollers with an issue, replacing them would work best to avoid instances of door jamming. As part of servicing, constant lubrication of the movable parts should also be considered.



In consideration of the various preferences, individuals may have, closed structures for your car may be something you don’t want to explore. You could opt for a garaport which is a structure that is semi-covered. It is mostly open on all sides. However, it has a roofing. It is a cost effective option considering the space it also provides.

Indeed, under construction, the value of a garage unit is a major consideration when it comes to its use, and as part of the beauty compliment, it adds to the home. Happy selecting.



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