March 30, 2020

Day Three at ASCAP EXPO

Yesterday at the third day of ASCAP EXPO 2017 I had a wonderful time.  First I went to a workshop with Mick Guzauski about technical aspects of mixing a song or album.  Interesting stuff!  He has worked with Daft Punk, Prince, Talking Heads, and many others.  Then I attended the Master Session with Michael Abels.  He did the score for the film “Get Out.”  Although this was his first feature length film score, he contributed invaluably to the scary and unsettling effects of this highly successful film through his mastery of composition.  A fascinating story of how film music is composed and put together.

Lastly, I was at thrilled to see Stevie Wonder accept the ASCAP “Key of Life Award” for his remarkable achievements in music, producing, and making the world a better place.  Singer and actress Janelle Monae did an excellent job interviewing him through words and his music about his incredible career.  Stevie said that everyone there should express themselves through music but “do it with love.”  He was not afraid to get political, although he was warned it would hurt his career.  A child prodigy, with his first hit at age 12, music just pours out of him.  He also has a wonderful sense of humor.  A remarkable human being, and immensely talented.

For more information about ASCAP, visit their website here  For more photos, visit my Flickr page here:

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