November 12, 2019

Two Nice Jewish Boys

Yuval Feldman is a rising star in the New York Culinary scene. She graduated the Culinary Institute of America where she specialised in desserts.
Being an Arab living in Israel brings about many dilemmas, internal conflicts and possibly a very serious identity crisis.
Michael Solomonov is an Israeli-American chef, renowned for his critically-acclaimed Israeli Restaurant, Zahav, in Philadelphia.
The history of Új Kelet is long, but more interesting is how it nearly went bankrupt until TV megastar Kristof Steiner stepped in.
In his short life, he wrote several books that would make his name almost synonymous with modern literature. That name is Franz Kafka.
Prof. Yossi Yovel, head of the Bat Lab for Neuro Ecology at Tel Aviv University talks about bats and how they get to the supermarket.
Israeli IDF soldier Hen Mazzig joins Two Nice Jewish Boys this week to talk about BDS, LGBTQ community, college campuses and Palestinians.
Two Nice Jewish Boys discuss the aftermath of the Pittsburgh attack, Israeli and Diaspora Jewish relations, and much more
Like it or not, the 21st century is the century of Islam. This 1,400-year-old religion has around 1.5 billions believers,
Hi-tech and innovation have brought many good things to the world. Social media connected us to one another and in doing so gave power to the
Elisha Abas was a talented kid. The great-Grandson of the legendary Russian pianist Alexander Skriavin, Elisha’s talent was noticeable...
An opinion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a bit like superman boxers - everybody’s got one. And it seems that nowadays no...
Operation Peace for Galilee. The Lebanon War. The First Lebanon War. The 1982 Lebanon War. It’s got a lot of names.
The Internet is a double edged sword - on one hand, it connects people, it entertains, it informs, educates and inspires.
Walking down the streets of Tel Aviv, it’s practically impossible to ignore the humble, yet still extraordinary architecture of this...
Americans love reading. And often, more than 140 characters. While here in Israel the number of book readers is at a constant decline -
4 years ago, under the sweltering heat of Nineveh in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq, the small city of Sinjar came under attack...
In the 1990’s the Iron Curtain finally came down, making it possible for approximately 1 million Russian Speaking Jews to flee and...
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