December 12, 2018


A recent Claims Conference study that showed Americans’ knowledge of the Holocaust was unexpectedly low, particularly among millennials,
Last week, I was kicked out of a Jewish museum in Granada, Spain. I wish I were being funny or ironic, but this unfortunate...
I am a liberal And I’m here to take back the word from those who have hijacked it for their illiberal agendas. I am a liberal Which means...
There’s something inexplicable about Israel. On the surface, we know it’s one of the most maligned countries on earth.
As a child, whenever I asked my mother to tell me about her escape from the Nazis, she always had the same answer:
Question: Which group of people is the largest minority (roughly 20 percent) in the United States but usually is left out of current...
If you had asked me as a child what I’d always remember from Jewish Day School, I doubt I would have counted Larry Milder’s song...
Like many Jewish mothers, Jody Barrens Moran knew she wanted to do something extra special for her son Max’s bar mitzvah,
It is written in the Talmud, “Ten measures of beauty descended upon the world, nine were taken by Jerusalem.”
Last week, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. The government of Israel responded to that atrocity,
Yizkor stickers. Standing at attention. The blaring of a siren. Reading the names of fallen soldiers. For many schools,
The pesky truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict finally came out last week — and hardly anyone noticed.
Another week, another Israel bashing session at the United Nations. Following the Hamas-led riots at the Israel-Gaza border on Friday that...
Go back a few centuries and picture yourself on a small street in a Jewish neighborhood in Casablanca, Morocco, as the sun is starting to set.
“This year we are here, next year in the Land of Israel. This year we are still slaves, next year may we be a free people.”
We often have tunnel vision when we’re in a difficult place. “I just need to get through this,” we say. And it’s true —
After cleansing my home of every crumb in preparation for the matzo-only occasion, and running more errands than Noah Syndergaard...
The first time I encountered a “progressive bully” he was scaling the kitchen cabinets at his parents’ dinner party.
We make a statement by what we choose to feature on the cover. This week, we had to choose between two upcoming events —
If He had created the first iPhone but had made it nearly impossible to get WiFi anywhere, Dayenu.  If He had made it possible to get...
Shabbat ha-Gadol means the Great Shabbat, and for me, this past Shabbat was truly great. Many shomer Shabbat teens wanted to take part...
In April 2013, the Senate rejected bipartisan legislation for gun-purchase background checks. It didn’t seem possible:
Let’s give Mark Zuckerberg the benefit of the doubt and assume that when he created Facebook, he intended to contribute to the...
When you have a child later in life, there are many issues you don’t consider. For me, one of the more troublesome has been:
There is a great crisis currently occurring in the American-Jewish community — a crisis of identity. What are Jews here to accomplish?
We’re living in very noisy times. We holler for joy if our team wins during March Madness, and we holler for change if we are...
19th Century English scientist Francis Galton invented the dog whistle to message canines at high decibel levels and great distances.
When the students of MarjorY Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., returned to classes a week after the mass-shooting there,
Talleyrand’s famous aphorism applies to Israel’s immigration policy: It is worse than a crime — it is a blunder.
I want to pick up the phone and say, “Mom, help! How’d you make your matzo balls?” But, of course, the lines are not open to the afterlife,
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