Monday, March 8, 2021



Senator Manchin: Biden’s Ambassador to the GOP

Biden has managed to achieve a bipartisan bill without any Republican support.

Israel’s Debate is not About Reform Conversion: It’s About Orthodox Conversion

The real battle for conversion in Israel takes place between two Orthodox factions.

Protesting the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

Jews have been told that they have to check their Jewish identity at the door if they want to be accepted.

Where was God When Millions Died of the Coronavirus?

There is no theology that would somehow find redemption in the coronavirus.

The Libelous Claims on National SJP’s Panel

It’s entirely unfair — perhaps even anti-Semitic — to hold the Zionist movement accountable for what a non-Jew said.

A Letter to the IQC and the State Board of Education about Ethnic Studies

I strongly oppose the 2021 California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

Shefa: The Jewish “Secret”

In order to attract shefa, we must fashion ourselves into vessels primed for ever-increasing blessing.

Two Jews Versus a Peloton

Another device to buy, another day of delay! Would the Peloton ever be complete?

Satirical Semite: The Psychic Asparagus

Another alternative is to catch up on the important news items that we may have missed.

How Jewish Students Are Combatting Anti-Semitism on Campus: A Panel

Five students shared their experiences with on-campus anti-Semitism during a March 2 panel.

A Response to Gil Troy: The Successful Conservative Movement

It should be acknowledged as a transitional movement that “conserved” American Judaism for the ultimate resurgence of Orthodoxy.

In the Spirit of Debate: My Response to Pomerantz

Pomerantz and I part ways in two critical junctures.

Vaccines Are The Perfect Opportunity For The Abraham Accords To Shine

If states that have diplomatic relations with Israel agree to serve as middlemen, Israel can use them as a passthrough to provide the vaccines that will go to Palestinians.

Lady Gaga’s Got Nothing on Morah Sandi

She is as good as any working performer out there today.

The IHRA Definition Has Space To Criticize Israel

The IHRA guidelines provide an excellent framework to focus discussions on facts instead of shouting self-serving slogans.

Carrying Our Brokenness

We experience the world through the existential lens of our epic mental constructs.

Critical Race Theory Should Not Have the Only Seat at the Table

Regardless of how important a tool CRT is, it’s not the only tool.

Hungary’s Crackdown on Artists and Academics

In Eastern Europe, people are being targeted because of who they are, what they study, the stories they tell.

An Open Letter to the Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter

I am dedicated to re-creating the bonds of brotherhood that united Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Newsom Likely to Face Recall — But Removal Is a Much Higher Bar

Newsom’s own behavior suggests that he is preparing a campaign to defeat the recall.

Shocked by the Revelations About Amos Oz? ‘Deal With It,’ Says His Daughter.

Although these examples do not always shock, they succeed in communicating why Galia feels haunted.

Why Jewish Vaccine Advocates Shouldn’t be Condescending Towards Those Who Are Hesitant

We should treat individuals who hold these views with respect and listen to their concerns.

Queen Esther Revisited

I invite you to look within and thoughtfully consider the ways that we can be the creators of our own realities this coming year.

Celebrating Purim in a Pandemic

Jews may be loyal citizens and well-entrenched in society, but can we ever let our guard down?

Satirical Semite: Protocols of the Medics of Zion

The BBC announced a “challenge trial,” where special volunteers in the United Kingdom will be infected with the virus after being injected with the vaccine.

Amos Oz: A Posthumous Tragedy

It is a stunning real-life parable about the prospective darkness inherent in the human soul.

My Purim Rabbi’s Hat

In the past few years, I have come to see a profoundly personal meaning in the story of Purim.

Purim and The Risk of Isolation

Jews’ embrace of Purim in the U.S. and Israel is very different.

It’s Not Too Late to Protest California’s Flawed Ethnic Studies Curriculum

After three strikes against the Jewish people, it is time for us to get out of our seats and into the streets.

Gaining Moral and Ethical Clarity Through the Challenges of Drinking on Purim

Drinking can be done in a way that brightens our world, but almost as easily, it can darken that very same world.

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