Why I Love My ‘Hood

On any given day, my neighborhood almost feels like I’m in the holy land.

The Dos and Don’ts of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

It is essential for any prospective Bar or Bat Mitzvah-goer to know what they’re getting themselves into.

Can Synagogues Provide the Radical Disruption that the Jewish World Needs?

Jewish federations can’t do it. Jewish organizations can’t do it. Jewish foundations can’t do it. But the synagogues can. 

Jewish World Needs a Creative Infusion

Our community has been dealing with familiar problems for decades, until the COVID pandemic accelerated a lethal problem: Millions of Jews are now happy just staying home, living the online life.

The Loneliness of an Overachiever

Overachievers might get the job done, but in my experience, they don’t share others’ perceptions of themselves.

Who We Are, and Who We Aren’t: Vayeitzei 2021

Chukat Akum insists a Jew must make a point of being different than others.

Are You Procrastinating Inside Your Productivity?

As an executive coach who focuses on women’s empowerment, one of the things I hear constantly from women is that they want to be more “productive.”

Don’t Put My Salad Dressing on the Side

Being a white woman of a certain age means that people make assumptions.

The Conflict of Critical Race Theory

According to the great blue-check-marked accounts of Twitter, Terry McAuliffe sunk his chances against rival Glenn Youngkin for Governor of Virginia when he said in a September debate, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Willful Blindness on the Palestinian NGO Terror Connection

The NGO industry has a great deal to lose if the Israeli government convinces officials and the wider public in these countries to take the links to terror seriously.

The Synagogue As Our Second Home

Last week’s cover story in the Jewish Journal asking how synagogues will reinvent themselves hit home for me personally and professionally.

Don’t California My Texas

Dallas is the fastest-growing Jewish community in North America.

On Liberty, Liberalism, and Freedom

We often take for granted that everyone understands the meaning of the word “liberal” and the values that it represents. However, we use a confusing lexicon that misleads people regarding the meaning of the word “liberal.”

How to Bring People Back to Shuls? AMAZING FOOD

As we all lament the state of our synagogues, battered by COVID and vying to recapture our communal mojo, shul boards and their clergy are desperately trying to figure out how to win back IN PERSON the congregants that have left or stationed themselves on the Zoom sidelines.

What to Do With a Child Like Esav

It is clear that Esav was fated to be a failure.

Ten Lessons from Five Decades

These are the ten most important things that I’ve gleaned as I cross into the middle of my fifth decade.

Esther, Sarah, and the Language of the People

Over the course of several days, tens of thousands of people around the world learned Rabbi Sacks-inspired Torah together in what must surely have been one of the most unique events in Torah-study history.

Good at Getting Older

Sarah’s lifetime — the years of Sarah’s life — came to 100 years and twenty years and seven years. 

Brother From Another Mother

I met David Eichel in fifth grade. He was one of my oldest and dearest friends. David died this year.

My Visit to a School in Harlem that Teaches Hebrew and Israeli Culture

Harlem is a place known for its rich history—from Black music, literature, and culture, to Jewish artistry and community.

The Elijah Problem

The modern age is a secular one and organized religion may be facing its greatest crisis in history.

Governments Must Stop Supporting Terror if They Care About Human Rights

Last week the Israeli Ministry of Defense designated six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations.

You Are What You Seat: The Quiet Battle for California’s New District Maps

For the first time in history, the state is set to lose a congressional seat. California will go from 53 seats in the U.S. House to 52 this year. The question is: which one?

How to Choose a Spouse

The method by which one chooses a spouse is less significant than we might imagine; there are models of both romantic and arranged marriages in the Torah.

Jay Sanderson’s Night of Gratitude

Facing 500 community members who had come to honor him as he ends his 12-year tenure as head of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Jay Sanderson found himself in an unusual position: speechless.

Stop Cheapening Important Historical Terms

Just as Anti-Vaxxers are not “Refuseniks,” Palestinians are not experiencing either “apartheid” or “genocide.”

The Inspiration of Mort Sahl, Comedy Legend and Social Satirist

Mort was a father of American comedy, and one of my favorite artists.

Should Jews Celebrate Halloween?

Isn’t Halloween as quintessentially American as a Thanksgiving dinner or New Year’s Eve in Times Square? It depends whom you ask.

Cancel Culture, Jewish Educators Style

Apparently, DEIJ initiatives in Jewish schools are not open for discussion.

Can Jews Keep Their Sense of Humor?

As much as fighting Jew-hatred is a deadly serious matter, maintaining our sense of humor as we engage in that fight is an equally serious matter.

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