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We Can’t Just Talk About it, We Need to Fix the Criminal Justice System

Our focus on “law and order” rather than “to protect and to serve” makes police officers feel they are there not to be part of the community they are serving.

Letters: Lessons From History, Liberalism and Free Speech

Lessons From History Natan Sharansky and Gil Troy reveal quite well the Jewish approach to history (“Taking a Jewish Approach to History,” (July31). One question, though,...

Jewish Series’ Successes Stave Off Complete Jew-Hatred

Who would have believed that Jews on TV would take so many minds off COVID-19?

What Midrash Can Teach Us About Our Current Social and Political Turmoil

There is a lot to be learned from the margins, and from the spaces and silences between words and sentences.

How and Why Sweden Bucked the European-Lockdown Trend: A Swedish-Jewish Perspective

Indeed, “keep a distance” signs were omnipresent throughout Stockholm, but masks were not required and barely seen in any public space.

In Times of COVID-19, Science Must Count

Informed decision-making depends on reliable data - but there seems to be a shortage of such information in Israel.

Letters: The Importance of Mussar, Anti-Americanism and the Jews 

The Importance of Mussar Thank you, Rabbi Lori Shapiro, for your informative exposition on the universal relevance of Mussar (“Can Mussar Help Us Repair the...

Anti-Americanism: The New Anti-Semitism

Just like the Jews, America is hated because it is successful. For over a century, it has been the most successful country in the world

The Tragedy in Lebanon Has Been Years in the Making

Lebanon is falling apart and has been for many years and many reasons. It has been bleeding a slow death by a thousand cuts. With the Aug. 4 explosion in Beirut, those wounds were suddenly visible.

What This Tisha B’Av Meant for Me: My Temple is in Trouble

Next Tisha B’Av may be different. We may be commemorating the loss of something much more meaningful.

Why We Should Care How Seth Rogen Went from Jewish Day School to Saying ‘WTF’ to Israel

Rogen is not just an A-list celebrity with a platform and a captive audience. He also is the product of Jewish and Israel education.

A Vision of Jewish and Palestinian Connection

When we look for where we identify, we put down our verbal arsenal and move to vision of peace and justice, truth and coexistence.

Letters: Dennis Prager’s ‘5 Arguments Against “America Is a Racist Country”’

Dennis Prager’s ‘5 Arguments Against “America Is a Racist Country” ’ Dennis Prager once again takes a hot-button issue and uses a hyperbolic bulldozer when...

The Lobster Effect: Don’t Pull Each ‘Other’ Down

This is why, in my heart, I want to support every other “other,” because I know what it is to be one.

Questions for Peace Proponents Overseas 

Peter Beinart is the latest non-Israeli to prescribe what Israel must do to resolve its conflict with the Palestinians. Beware this prophet. A former,...

An Open Letter to Jewish Parents About ‘Opting Out’

 A real community is one that upholds those who have fallen. A true community exists even when times are difficult and scary.

Black Lives and Jewish Life: We Need to Fight All Forms of Hate

Our story is their story. It is a shandah for either of us to give fuel to those who seek to cause us harm.

5 Arguments Against ‘America Is a Racist Country’

America is, in fact, the least racist, most multiracial and  multiethnic country in world history.

I’m Trying to Smile on Tisha b’Av, the Hardest Day of the Year

Photo-journalist Ruth Gruber made me laugh. Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing on Tisha b’Av, I thought.

Letters: Bari Weiss, Greenberg’s Cartoons, Medical Residency

New York Times Bias David Suissa’s column on the unwillingness of The New York Times to publish op-eds that differ from its left-leaning views is...

Coercive Control: A Legal Definition of ‘Get’ (Jewish Divorce) Abuse

I have witnessed the insidious effects of coercive control in the lives of victims and their children. Get abuse is one form of coercive control.

Congressman John Lewis: ‘Getting Into Good Trouble’ to Make a Better America

No other person has been honored more often by the Simon Wiesenthal Center than John Lewis.

Letters: Voting, Black Lives Matter and COVID-19

Black Lives Matter’s Threat to the U.S. Black Lives Matter (BLM), while truly concerned for minority justice, seems equally intent on humiliating white people and abolishing...

Demanding a Better Education for Our Children Shouldn’t Be This Difficult, But it Is

Education sits at the center of our culture wars, and young minority students are the biggest casualties.

‘Hamilton’ Reminds Us to Forgive Before We Condemn

"Hamilton" got me thinking about the concept of forgiveness and the equally powerful concept of rehabilitation.

Support for Annexation on a Scale of 1 to 6

July 1 came and went, and the plan for Israeli annexation is still not clear. It might happen soon or it might not happen...

Why Is Anti-Semitism So Easy to Forgive?

Anti-Semitism appears to be the one bigotry immune to cancellation.

With High Holy Days Looming, COVID-19 and Social Change Present, Rabbis Face New Challenges

For those of us who are clergy, we are acutely aware the Jewish year is winding down.

How Can Israel Help Diaspora Jewry?

There are three areas where Israel can be of greatest assistance: education, religious services, and security.

Biden vs. Trump on Jews, Anti-Semitism and Israel

Ad hominem attacks rule the day— and unfortunately, many of them are justified.

New Articles

‘Days of Resistance’ Protests Had Hezbollah Flags, ‘Zionists Have Got to Go’ Chants, ADL Report Says

"A notable segment crossed the line into extremism and antisemitic tropes," the report stated.

Kentucky Rabbi Counters Neo-Nazi Flyers With Flyers Spreading Tolerance, Educational Initiatives

The rabbi told community members, "You are irreplaceable, and we’re glad that you are part of our community."

Netanyahu Says West Bank Annexation ‘Remains on the Table’ Following Israel-UAE Agreement

"There is no change in my plan to apply sovereignty, our sovereignty, in Judea and Samaria."

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