AIPAC Doubles Down on its Mission

Imagine that you run an organization devoted exclusively to a woman’s right to have an abortion. At election time, you identify candidates most committed...

Hope for Uniting the People of Israel

Despite the fall of the most diverse Israeli government to date, Jewish-Arab collaboration is possible in Israel.

The Secular Socialist Zionist Who Insisted on Mourning on Tisha B’Av

In 1934, Berl Katznelson, an avowedly secular Socialist Zionist living in Tel Aviv, criticized members of his youth movement for going off to camp on Tisha B’Av.

How Is It Possible?

This article is not easy to read, but I feel compelled to tell my truths.

A Call for Peace, 3,300 Years Later

Peace is not just another halachic obligation; it is a moral foundation of Judaism.

How the Ukraine War is Changing European-Israeli Relations

Today, more than ever, Europe and Israel need each other.

On Becoming 75

Entering my 75th birthday has been a roller coaster ride, a year-long journey of bewilderment and many moments of sustained discomfort.

Where Have You Gone, Vin Scully?

For those who grew up in Southern California, Vin Scully is a link to the mist of our collective past.

Biden Said it Best: You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Be a Zionist

From the very beginning, Zionism has counted non-Jews among its most enthusiastic supporters.

Antisemitism Without Antisemites

The Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania, pressed by the media about his association with an outspoken antisemite, last week condemned “antisemitism in any form” — yet refused to condemn the antisemite with whom he has been associating. 

Pelosi, Her Father, Taiwan and the Holocaust

Is Nancy Pelosi’s courageous decision to visit Taiwan connected to her father’s actions during the Holocaust?

Border Crisis Beyond Belief

The sprawling crisis along our southern border, with two million immigrants having crossed into and remained in the United States over the past two years, is a desecration of American law and moral principle—despite what the Biden administration says.

Tisha B’Av: Our Sufferings and Our Hope

Tisha B’Av, by forcing us to recognize a trail of tragedy and a psychology of division, is the crucial first step toward transformation and transcendence.

A Time of Grieving

During the summer heat, as we anticipate a time of slowing down and perhaps even finding moments of pleasure, we Jews tap into a sadness leading to grief.

Why the Fight Against Antisemitic Curriculum Must Extend to Younger Grades

Attention must be given to the fatally flawed portrayal of Jews in grade six textbooks.

Nikbakht: Remembering a Rebel With a Cause

Last month, the Jewish world and those in the Iranian American community who oppose the Islamic regime in Iran lost one of their greatest advocates with the passing of Frank (Faryar) Nikbakht.

A Triple Spring in July

This story percolated within me for two years, till I’ve been able to complete its writing.

The Voyage of the Exodus Through Cartoonists’ Eyes

Seventy-five years ago this week, the incredible voyage of the refugee ship Exodus captured the hearts and minds of the international community. The lively and provocative political...

On Prayer

When I was a child, and throughout my high school years, I was a fervent atheist.

Resignation Is Not the Best Path Forward

While walking away from this battle in higher education is a path that some may choose and I wish them no ill, I do hope that most run into the fight.

Joe Biden’s Two-State Miscalculation

When President Biden lends his support to a two-state solution but simultaneously pledges further support to UNRWA, he betrays the promises he has made to the Israeli people to prioritize their security.

The Ultimate Question of Jewish History

It is a verse that directly challenges the contemporary Jew. At the outset of Bilaam's prophecy, he declares: "Behold, a people that dwells alone,...

New York City, 1909

“New York, Circa 1909” is an innovative, interactive theatrical experience exploring Jewish immigration in America.

America the Beautiful, Where Have You Gone?

As a Canadian who loves America, it pains me to see what is happening south of the border.

Why Shul?

Early on, we understood that the unavoidable shift to remote access meant so much more to the course of our lives than a short-term solution to a pandemic emergency.

Jewish Studies Professors Join Jewish Studies Zionist Network to Fight Anti-Zionist Activism on Campus

The Jewish Studies Zionist Network (JSZN) is a new initiative of scholars and educators in the field of Jewish studies who believe “that Zionism is a legitimate movement for the national self-determination of the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland.” 

Praise Poems Depict North African Jewish Response to Events of World War II

In the lead up to the Second World War, many North African Jews relied on musical tradition to alert their community to the rise of fascism in Europe, and to warn of the danger this movement posed to humanity.

Shifting Sands

My fellow travelers and I were privileged to be part of the changing winds and shifting sands of this initial Saudi-Jewish leadership dialogue. 

Politics and the Parah Adumah

Bringing religion into politics will ultimately diminish faith.

When the IRS Targeted Jewish Activists

The Jewish target of U.S. government wrath in the 1940s was the Bergson Group, a political action committee led by Peter Bergson (Hillel Kook), a Zionist emissary from Palestine.

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