Isaac’s Laughter

At the start of this week’s Torah reading, Jacob, like his grandfather Abraham before him, leaves the land of his birth for new horizons.

The Elections in Israel – and the Reaction to the Elections

The election process is first and foremost a demonstration of the vibrant democracy in Israel.

We Must Beware of the Normalization of Antisemitism

Twenty years ago, the phrase “Never Again” still meant something, at least in the United States. Yet awareness of the Holocaust and the six...

75 Years Later: Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism

The rise of high-profile antisemitic comments by Kanye West and Kyrie Irving have left the U.S. Jewish community shaken. It caught us off guard...

The Injustice of Thanksgiving

If you’ve kept up with the headlines this week, you might be tempted to question life’s fairness: a shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in...

Agnon’s Great American Story

English was not his language, America was not his landscape, and the story of America was not part of his literary oeuvre, but in 1967 – on his first and only trip to America – Israeli author S.Y. Agnon stood before 1000 Americans and told them his version of the American story.

Why the Misuse of the Word “Fascist” is a Dangerous Thing

In recent years, the term “fascist” has been thrown out with reckless abandon.

Irving, Stewart and Chappelle and the Double Standard for Jew-Hatred

As anyone paying attention to the news over the past few weeks knows, on October 27, 2022, NBA and Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving...

Just Kidding? Racist Presidential Humor, From FDR to Trump

There need to be meaningful consequences which will clearly establish that in contemporary American society, racist humor is no laughing matter.

Why the Misuse of the Word “Fascist” is a Dangerous Thing

In recent years, the term “fascist” has been thrown out with reckless abandon. It’s become so fashionable and popular, in fact, that it’s worth...

Herzl’s Premature Death: “I Always Feel the Future Peering over My Shoulder”

The Jewish world was devastated by Theodor Herzl’s death in 1904 at the age of 44 – yet surprisingly confident that his legacy would persist.

Princeton USG Passes a ‘Resolution to Condemn and Combat Antisemitism’

On November 16, Undergraduate Student Government (USG) passed a “Resolution to Condemn and Combat Antisemitism.” The resolution calls on the Office of the Dean...

Why This Non-Orthodox Jew Is Sticking With His Orthodox Prayer Book

About a year ago, a new siddur—prayer book—called “Siddur Davar Hadash,” began making the rounds in certain progressive Jewish corners of the internet. Created...

On Dave Chapelle and the Jews

I love Dave Chapelle. I’ve laughed at his line-crossing humor, including his monologue from this past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” that had the dual effect of also making me uncomfortable as a Jew.

Can American Jews Make Demands on Israel If They Don’t Live There?

On Monday morning, news broke that controversial, far-right, probable soon-to-be-minister in the Knesset Itamar Ben-Gvir, while in coalition talks with Benjamin Netanyahu, expressed support...

Theodor Herzl: The New Prophet Dies, but His Old-New Message Survives

In 1897, Theodor Herzl essentially described himself when he wrote about a man who once “deep in his soul felt the need to be a Jew,” and who, reeling from Jew-hatred, watched “his soul become one bleeding wound.”

I Stand for the Adoption of the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism at Princeton

That proposal, which needed nine votes to become a Senate-sponsored referendum and appear before the student body for a vote, failed after public opposition by USG U-Councilor Judah Guggenheim, a Jewish undergraduate.

Are Judaism and Zionism the Same Thing?

In a recent essay for the Jewish Journal, Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz makes the case that Abraham, the first Jew, was also the first Zionist. “Abraham...

This is Our Revenge

I have been to many Jewish weddings, but never have I seen such pure abandonment and unbridled joy as I experienced when Sara Krakowski and Ryan Kossoy tied the knot in New York recently.

The Jewish Studies Professors Who Traffic in Antisemitism

This was a tough week for “Liberal Zionists” in the diaspora, a category that is admittedly becoming devoid of meaning as Israel’s successive rightwing governments increasingly shift further rightward.

Et Tu, Brooklyn? Why This Should Be the Last Place for Jew Hatred

Of all the wasted breaths these past few weeks devoted to Kyrie Irving’s tirade against the Jewish people—"Did he take responsibility?”; “Why is he...

The Hate Kyrie Irving Shared Has Much in Common With White Supremacy

It seems that many people reacting to the news of the Nets’ condition for Kyrie Irving to be reinstated by defending Irving have no...

Rutgers Goes All In On Anti-racism Initiatives But Tolerates Flagrant Antisemitism

In October, Rabbi Esther Reed, the executive director of Rutgers Hillel, testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security regarding rising levels of antisemitism...

Jew-Free Investing

How the BDS campaign infiltrated ESG

We Need a Better Way to Fight Celebrity Antisemitism

When sports stars, musicians and talk show hosts mouth off, we have to come up with better and more creative ways to deal with the problem.

Why Oprah Dumped Dr. Oz

Months ago I actually wrote that I felt that Oprah had a responsibility to repudiate Dr. Oz. Now that she has, having said yesterday...

If He Becomes a Senator, Let’s Pray Dr. Oz Learns to Respect Others’ Sabbath Observance

Two Jewish sisters who had a nightmarish Sabbath will never forget the Dr. Oz who must learn, if he is to become a successful public servant, to respect people’s traditions and observances. 

Abraham the Zionist

Genesis makes it clear that Zionism is central to Abraham's new religious mission.

Tucker Carlson’s Silence on Kanye West Is Deafening

The Jewish community has a right to expect that the most highly-rated cable host in America would at least do better than Adidas and hold Kanye to account.

Tom Stoppard Reveals His Jewish Self in “Leopoldstadt”

“Leopoldstadt” should be required viewing for Kanye West and Kyrie Irving and the woke mobs who had never heard of Kristallnacht and who believe that Jews, throughout the ages, have led charmed, white-privileged lives.

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