Ben and Jerry’s Dispute a Sign of Israel’s Growing Societal Challenge

This isn’t an argument about desserts. It’s about terrorism and bigotry and the worst type of double standards that demonize the Jewish homeland and the people who live there.

Toxic House: Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community

What we might call a domestic plague is a very real public crisis, perhaps more so now than ever.

Ruby: A Lesson in Kindness

In a strange way, I learned a lot from Ruby.

Jackie Mason and Me

The year was 1963. I was ten years old and my sister, Jody, was eight.

Menashe Amir: The Voice of a People

In an age when even the unqualified are extolled as experts, Amir is one of the last, true experts in his field, fueled by an insatiable love for Iran, Israel and the Jewish people.

Tough Jews, Las Vegas, and the Legacy of Meyer Lansky

He left a disturbing legacy of inexcusable violence, but endures as a humanized figure of intense fascination for the American public.

To Remain Relevant, Judaism Needs a Visibly Open Door

Jewish outreach must be attractive without being intrusive, as well as mindful of other groups.

Spiritual Parenting: The Gift of a Reprimand

Children have a tough time appreciating the gift of a reprimand. Parents have a tough time doling them out.

In Memory of Ruth Pearl, Mother of Slain Journalist Daniel Pearl

To understand a mother’s love is to know the story of Ruth Pearl.

“The Fewest of All Peoples”: The Improbable History of the Jews

Being the “fewest” has forged the culture and character of the Jewish people.

Endless Hope: A Message for Tu B’Av

Tu B’Av is a hopeful reminder that that which is broken might be repaired.

Ben & Jerry’s “Values” Are Fueling Jew-Hatred

One has to wonder what Ben & Jerry’s Board means by “values.”

“My Unorthodox Life” Doesn’t Tell You That Orthodox Jewish Women Are Rocking the World of Jewish Law

Haart’s show tells only one of the many stories of Jewish women—the story of one who is repressed and silenced at every turn.

Resilience is Part of the Jewish Tradition—For Masa, it’s in our DNA

The Jewish people are nothing if not resilient. In our 3,300-year history, from slavery in Egypt to the creation of ancient Israel, from our...

HIJACK: How Cultural Marxists Are Exploiting America’s Racial Reckoning

Much has been written about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the obsession with race that is sweeping the nation. This moment of racial reckoning...

Newsom’s Unnecessary Gamble

Even though Newsom is a strong favorite to defeat the recall on the ballot’s first question, nothing in politics is certain.

A Golden Opportunity for the Bennett-Lapid Government

The new Israeli government lost no time in signaling that it sees a golden opportunity to reenergize the country’s alliance with Diaspora Jewry.

49 Years After Munich Massacre, Israeli Athletes will March Proudly at Tokyo Olympics

With the Tokyo Olympics in Japan set to commence this week, it’s worth remembering all that has happened, and not happened, in the intervening 49 years since the Munich Olympic games.

Why is Iran so Scared of a Woman with Big Hair? Because She Lives in America

Masih Alinejad is public enemy number one, as far as Tehran is concerned.

Why I’m a Mad Mother

I happen to be one of the “mad moms” who hate to see what the culture war over race and racism is doing to the education of our children.

Fighting Antisemitism? Okay, Boomer.

The lack of interest in fighting antisemitism among young people isn't about Zionism or Israel.

Walking with God in the World

Religion and everyday life are often seen to be at odds.

Do They Even Know What “Genocide” Means?

As the word has become common place in public discourse, its meaning has been diluted and compromised.

What You Need to Say Before You Die

The Jewish ethical will is a forgotten genre of literature.

LAUSD Does Not Go Far Enough in Calling Out Antisemitism

There’s a special role that educators can play in teaching young people to reject xenophobia and racism.

Yes, Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

No longer will the denial of the collective rights of Jews to exist in their ancestral homeland be acceptable.

What Appointment of New Cal State LA Ethnic Studies Dean May Mean for Jewish Students

Malveaux’s anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist views are not unique—in fact, they are shared by many others in the discipline of Ethnic Studies, including at her own institution.

Who Will Replace Garcetti Until the Next Election?

As Eric Garcetti prepares to head off to India as the U.S. Ambassador to that country, Los Angeles is still almost a year and a half away from its next scheduled election.

Redefining Contemporary Hate

We are in a new era of antisemitism.

The Progressive Quandary

“Why do we hurt the people we love?” It’s an age-old question one might ask of today’s progressive movement.

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