Sunday, August 9, 2020



Farrakhan is Betraying Today’s Black Slaves

Farrakhan has covered up and sought to deny the modern-day enslavement of Africans by Arabs and Muslims.

American Jewry Has a Blind Spot Regarding Mizrahi Jews

Mizrahi Jews are far too frequently erased from the general debate over identity in the American Jewish community.

Letters: Political Cartoons, Systemic Racism and Americans Who Love Their Country

Greenberg Cartoons Perhaps for his next cartoon, instead of a police car in the lower left-hand corner opposite a concerned looking Black man (June 5),...

Do We Really Have to Read Beinart Again?

Had I not known Peter Beinart’s periodic cries for attention, I’d probably be angry with his chutzpah.

The Chutzpah! Anti-Semites Appropriate Black Suffering to Libel Zionists

At least two separate BLM-related events descended into raw anti-Semitism and demonization of the Jewish collective.

Did America Err in Not Punishing Confederate Leaders? 

These pro-South sympathies turn traitors into heroes and lend undue credibility to the perverse Confederate cause.

America’s Jews and Christians Are Failing the Test of Their Lives

The seriousness of your Judaism or Christianity is now being tested.

I’ve Applied to Over 100 Jobs With No Offers. This is What I Learned

At precisely 9:25 every morning, I go through a daily ritual. I open my Gmail and scan my inbox for a promising subject line. My...

Annexation Will Not End the World

Israel bashers need no excuse to hate Jews.

The Jewish – And Black Lives Matter – Case for Medicare for All

Our current lack of a national health plan puts persons of color and low-income people at particular risk.

Can the ADL ‘Stop the Hate’ by Embracing Al Sharpton?

ADL's partisan goals have now superseded its task of monitoring Jew-hatred.

What Risks Does Defunding the Police Entail?

A recent poll showed that by more than 2 to 1, Americans oppose the notion of defunding the police.

Letters: Defunding Police, Teens Helping During Pandemic

Defunding Police With all due respect to Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, it appears that his comments and opinions are misguided (“Defunding the Police and Reclaiming Safety,”...

Asylum, Which Made the United States a Leader in Protecting Jews, Could Disappear

The America that welcomed us when we escaped religious persecution is in danger of disappearing.

I’m an Israeli Settler. Here’s What American Jews Don’t Understand.

It’s been surreal watching from Israel as Americans discuss my future

Nobody Votes for a Vice President

The most important electoral aspect of Joe Biden’s upcoming decision will be what it tells us about the candidate himself.

Netanyahu May Have Squandered His Moment to Become a Great Leader

Three months ago, when the crisis hit, Netanyahu acted like a great leader. But great leaders don’t get tired halfway through a crisis.

How Jewish Lives Matter Became All Lives Matter

“Black lives matter” shouldn’t be inclusive to all or its important message will be lost, just as our anti-Semitism bill was diluted to total ineffectiveness.

Jews Are Standing With Communities of Color. Will Communities of Color Stand With Jews?

Why is prejudice against Jews so often is dismissed as a separate and lesser societal concern?

Annexation Now Will Squander A Real (if Long-Shot) Chance for Peace

This polarized moment should be turned into a bipartisan cooperation opportunity.

Annexation Polls Lack Nuance

Supporters of full, unconditional annexation are not as many as Netanyahu seems to think.

National Lawyers Guild Is Dealt a Deservedly Hard Blow to Its BDS Campaign

This self-proclaimed champion of human rights refused to do business with another party purely because of the latter’s national origin.

The Arab States Have Lost Patience With the Palestinians

The Palestinians are teetering on the brink of economic bankruptcy and political isolation.

Can Palestinian Despair Lead to an End of Conflict?

Perhaps despair will succeed where promise and compromise failed.

Anti-Semitism Gets You Fired from Labour, but Hired by The New York Times

The New York Times has lower standards when it comes to anti-Semitic canards than even Britain’s Labour Party.

Letters: Civil Unrest, Ballot Initiative for Schools, Public Health and Services

Jews and Blacks Kudos to cartoonist Steve Greenberg for his two pieces dealing with the effects of racism on Black Americans. I’m sure it’s not...

My Black and Jewish Identity Cannot – And Will Not – Be Separated

Black lives matter unconditionally, not only when they can be conveniently commodified and misrepresented to attack Jews.

New Articles

Lebanese Information Minister Resigns Amid Unrest Following Beirut Disaster

The decision was made as a “response to the public will for change,” minister says • Hezbollah chief, Lebanese leaders hanged in effigy in Beirut protests.

Trump’s Germany Ambassador Pick Under Fire from Jewish Groups for Statements on Immigrants and Nazi History

The nomination of Douglas Macgregor, a decorated combat veteran who now frequently appears on Fox News, made headlines this week after CNN’s K File unearthed a long history of the retired colonel’s comments.

Israeli Cabinet Meeting Canceled Amid Ongoing State Budget Dispute

Likud Party: Blue and White is blocking a $2.5 billion economic aid program. Blue and White: Likud is refusing to honor the coalition agreement.

David Goldfein, Jewish US Air Force Chief, Is Stepping Down

Gen. David Goldfein, who for a time was in line to become the first Jewish chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, has retired as Air Force chief.

A Jewish Guide to Joe Biden’s VP Short List

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to name his running mate in the next two weeks, and while the list of contenders has changed constantly for months, most reports have now whittled the group of front-runners down to Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, Karen Bass, Tammy Duckworth and Keisha Lance Bottoms.

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