August 18, 2019

First Person

We went from fast to feast. I ate enough to last a year. These holidays are tough for normal people, but for overeaters, they are insane. 
Morocco recently decided to include Holocaust studies in its educational curriculum. How important is this step?
Czech-Jewish writer, Franz Kafka entrusted his friend Max Brod with a collection of manuscripts, instructing him to destroy them. He did not. 
May we form a unified community, doing God’s will with a perfect heart.
I once broke up with someone for calling me a “Zionist pig.” Let’s call him Nir. We met through mutual friends,
Today I called my mother. She didn’t answer me. She probably was busy with something more important. There was a time when one of her....
Dropping everything for a rare opportunity to view a near-total eclipse seemed like a great adventure, if a bit heedless.
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