February 26, 2020

First Person

Jewish Thanksgiving:A day when we give thanks to Lady History and to the many heroic players who stood behind the United Nations vote in 1947
It’s American Jewry’s great divider, pitting the Orthodox and dwindling Conservatives against everyone else: intermarriage.
My understanding of anti-Semitism is the following: Anti-Semitism is not simply hating the other — the Jew as other. Anti-Semitism
Twelve years ago, a young German Christian woman sought my assistance in converting to Judaism. As I listened to her reasons for wishing to
I am the grandchild of Shoah survivors. Until my bar mitzvah, I did not have the faintest understanding of what that truly meant.
When I learned about the tragedy in Pittsburgh, I felt profoundly sad. Eleven Jews had just been murdered by a depraved anti-Semite;
We went from fast to feast. I ate enough to last a year. These holidays are tough for normal people, but for overeaters, they are insane. 
Morocco recently decided to include Holocaust studies in its educational curriculum. How important is this step?
Czech-Jewish writer, Franz Kafka entrusted his friend Max Brod with a collection of manuscripts, instructing him to destroy them. He did not. 
May we form a unified community, doing God’s will with a perfect heart.
I once broke up with someone for calling me a “Zionist pig.” Let’s call him Nir. We met through mutual friends,
Today I called my mother. She didn’t answer me. She probably was busy with something more important. There was a time when one of her....
Dropping everything for a rare opportunity to view a near-total eclipse seemed like a great adventure, if a bit heedless.
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