Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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How Coronavirus is Changing Circumcision

While many synagogues have responded to the coronavirus shutdown by taking their services and rituals online, there’s one Jewish tradition that simply cannot be...

Six Ways to Be Extra Jewish in a Pandemic

You are on a ship in the middle of a tempest. The ship is pitching and heaving. Water is sloshing over the deck. The...

Jewish Virtual Education in the Time of Coronavirus

With schools shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, parents are turning to online resources to educate their children from home. In an effort...

Homeschooling Resources for Canceled Religious Schools

I began my religious school teaching career by being drafted after volunteering one too many times. Terrified I somehow was going to impart inaccurate...

New Articles

Russian-Jewish Businessman Donates 3,000 Meals Daily to Senior Citizens Under Lockdown

The initiative is a response to the Russian government’s decision to lockdown citizens older than 65.

Top Charedi Orthodox Rabbi Dies of COVID-19

Yaakov Perlow, leader of Novominsker Hasidim and a top haredi Orthodox rabbi, dies of coronavirus at 89.

‘F— K—s’ Graffiti Found on L.A. Persian Synagogue

Anti-Semitic graffiti was found on a Persian synagogue in Los Angeles on April 7, according to a Facebook post. The graffiti states, “F--- k---s” and...

I Love You Although I Can’t Hug You

“If one tiny virus can stop the entire world, perhaps one mitzvah can save the world.” — Dr. Benjamin Hulkower “When we are no longer able...

Dominic Raab, Son of a Jewish Refugee, is Britain’s Acting Prime Minister

The United Kingdom last had a Jewish prime minister in 1880, the final year of Benjamin Disraeli‘s service. Now, with the coronavirus sending Boris Johnson...
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