How Do We Save a Vanishing History?

What do you get when you cross Henry Fielding’s “The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling” (a picaresque novel about an orphan, with a...

The 3 Images – True Stories and Lessons for Introspection

I need to open with a disclaimer. I have not really known the author of this book, Rabbi Zev M. Shandalov, as an adult,...

Professional Organizer Transforms Her Skills Into a Book on Jewish Life

It will take you through the Jewish year and through life, and you will probably end up being more organized, and certainly inspired.

Friendship, Judaism and All the Feelings: A Welcome Addition to the Middle School Canon

Each section of the novel is framed by a Jewish concept or observance: Shabbat, Days of Awe, Mitzvah, Passover, and Feast of Weeks.

Kosher Restaurant Hosts Intimate Book Talks

There’s a book talk series in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood that has been the antidote to the virtual Zoom book talks which book lovers have been getting used to the past two years. 

Avi Liberman’s Blueprint for Adventure

Comedian Avi Liberman is no stranger to being on the road.

Showcasing the Jewish Food of Italy in a New Book

Everyone loves Jewish food and Italian food. 

Reading the Book of Psalms in the Twenty-First Century

A review of Rabby Hayyim Angel’s “Psalms: A Companion Volume”

Holocaust Book Documents Story of Couple Separated During WWII and Reunited After 7 Years

The December 2020 book “Separated Together: The Incredible True WWII Story of Soulmates Stranded an Ocean Apart” chronicles an amazing story of a married...

Writer Jerry Stahl Takes a Bus Trip of Holocaust Sites

There's a laugh on almost every page of 'Nein, Nein, Nein," but for all his wit and somewhat skewed perspective, Stahl never loses sight of the gravity of the places he visits. 

Recounting a Year of Cancer in a New Book

“Getting Through It” gives the reader a detailed and personal, step-by-step look at what led up to Epstein’s diagnosis and what cancer treatment is really like.

Holy Connection: A new book chronicles the strong bond between Hollywood and Israel

“Hollywood and Israel: A History'' shows the ping-ponging of historical events and the films portraying them.

New Book Deconstructs Cultural Boycott Against Israel

A new book artfully explains how the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has infected the entertainment industry and turned art into a political cudgel––and how to fight back against it.

Fantastical Children’s Book Explains Disappearing Socks

At some point in all our lives, we lose a sock. It usually happens when we do the laundry. A sock gets lost in...

“The Kabbalah of Light” Offers Enlightenment and Hope

Author Catherine Shainberg, PhD, believes that day dreaming, night dreaming, lucid dreams and visioning can change your life.

What Can Happen Here Should Worry Us

The title is provocative, deliberately so, mistakenly so. The book is alarming, properly so, sadly so. When the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League , one...

Review of Matti Friedman’s “Who By Fire: Leonard Cohen in the Sinai”

Cohen’s performances, his state of mind, and the harsh realities of the Yom Kippur War are the subject of Matti Friedman’s recent book, “Who By Fire.”

Children’s Book “I Hate Borsch!” Is a Love Letter to One’s Culture

Whether you love it or hate it, borsch is likely part of your Jewish cultural identity.

“The Button Box” Explores a Muslim-Jewish Friendship – With Time Travel

In “The Button Box,” a new middle grade novel, a Muslim-Jewish friendship is at the center of an exciting time-travel tale. 

Danny Danon on His New Book about His UN Tenure

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon discussed his new book, “In the Lion’s Den: Israel and the World,” and current events in a phone interview with the Journal.

Exploring Israel in the Mystery-Thriller Book “The Clarinetist”

For anyone who is missing Israel, or has never gotten a chance to visit, author Herschel Katz’s book “The Clarinetist” is a thrilling way to traverse through the country.

A Love for Nature in ‘A Child’s Prayer of Wonder and Gratitude’

I was already familiar with Karen Guth’s previous book, "Bubie’s in Bidud (Grandma’s in Isolation)," her book that came out in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Two Things Lakers Fans Must Do This Month

The HBO series “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is the closest thing Angelenos have to watching a hometown NBA team in the playoffs this spring.

Fantasy and Suspense Meet Jewish Mysticism in “The Hidden Saint”

Jonathan Kellerman called "The Hidden Saint" by Mark Levenson, “An ingenious, compelling mix of horror, fantasy, suspense and Jewish mysticism. Think Tolkien, albeit benefiting from a yeshiva education.”

Jennifer Grey’s Memoir “Out of the Corner” Is Courageous and Empowering

Actress Jennifer Grey wrote her new memoir “Out of the Corner” to take ownership of her life story. Up until now, she’s felt as if everyone else has dictated her story.

A Legacy of Basketball and the Holocaust in ‘By the Grace of the Game’

By chance, several weeks ago someone — I can’t remember whom but please identify yourself so I can say thank you — dropped Dan Grunfeld’s autobiography at my home. 

Comedians Reflect on Their Big Life Decisions in Beth Lapides’ New Audiobook

Beth Lapides has been a staple in the Los Angeles community scene for over two decades.

“I Wil Protect You,” a New Children’s Book About Twins Who Survived Mengele’s Experiments

Educating children about the Holocaust was important to survivor Eva Mozes Kor.

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