January 19, 2019

Chanuka Dish #6: Isra-lite

Chanuka is the Jewish Festival of Lights, and the Jewish people are a Light unto the nations. And don’t forget that this all began with “Let there be light.” All true, but let’s face facts. It’s the seventh night of Chanuka, and what with the latkes, sufganiot (jelly donuts), chocolate chanuka gelt and all the other manner of partying (since we’re Jewish, this means eating) we’ve been doing for the past six days, what we really need now is “lite.” As in no-cal soda, no-fat celery latkes and biting the bullet – literally, to keep from biting anything else.

Unfortunately, I’m a little lite on low calorie recipes myself, but “>recipes that do just that.

So enjoy the rest of the holiday. But keep it lite.