Picture of Lisa Ansell

Lisa Ansell

Lisa Ansell is the Associate Director of the USC Casden Institute.

Not My Father’s Antisemitism

Today, what we are witnessing on college campuses across the nation is an entirely new breed of the old antisemitic tropes that have waxed and waned on the battlefield of the American academy.

A Battle Cry in Hebrew

In addition to donations, what if we take up the sacred task of learning Hebrew to send letters of support to our soldiers and surviving families?

A Jewish Answer to the Teacher Shortage Crisis

Low pay, highly stressful working conditions and the political battleground that has rendered the classroom ground zero have resulted in a nation-wide teacher shortage that threatens the fabric of public education at all levels and across all demographics.

Jackie Mason and my Bubby’s America

At this stage, memory is what we hold on to as we, her surviving family members, try to imagine the next chapter without her physical being—without hearing her voice, which remains etched on our souls.


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