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Eva Robbins

Ha Lachma Anya

This is the bread of affliction our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt

Holding Onto the Light

The spark that creates light is the magical moment when the darkness becomes less pervasive, when it begins to shift from its enormity and lessens its hold on us.

Coping Like Our Ancestors

Prayers and poetry were held closely to the chest of our ancestors, which is why they are with us today.

Yom Kippur – A Womb of Compassion

Yom Kippur is a moment reentering the Divine Womb, where we can be rebirthed anew, coming through with expansion and elevation, cleansed, strengthened, and reinvigorated.

The Gift of Breath

When we slow down each breath, we affect blood pressure, heart rate, as well as calming our nerves, all of which maintain a sense of stability and well-being.

Purim: Removing the Mask of Fear

Purim is lifted by the rabbis to an exalted place, “Purim will never be abolished.” It is the one holiday that will exist for all time.


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