Eva Robbins

Eva Robbins

Cheshvan: A Time to Be Still

We seamlessly journey from one special moment to another preparing both through physical work and inner reflection. We value the preparation almost as much as the celebration itself. And yet one month lays empty and bare. Nothing historical or agricultural presents itself, giving us relief, a respite and time for a deep breath.

The Essence of Simchat Torah

Marking the end of the Sukkot festival, it is a celebration of our beloved Torah and all that She generates for us, her inheritors.

Gates of Renewal

Each moment we pour into our prayers, self-examination and soulful melodies is an inner spa of restoration.

On Becoming 75

Yes, 75 is only a number, but yes, it is a giant one.

A Time of Grieving

Tradition encourages our memories to be jogged as we enter into the new month of Av, laden with historic calamities, particularly the ones most pivotal and strikingly cataclysmic: The destruction of the holy temples, the first in 586 BCE and the second in 70 CE.


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