Nepotism? Producers Guild accuses Israeli producer Avi Lerner and partner of false attribution

Nikki Finke got some juicy scoop on Israeli producer Avi Lerner and his partner Danny Dimbort, whose company Millennium Films is being accused of false attribution by the Producers Guild of America.

According to a letter written by PGA executive director Vance Van Petten, Dimbort’s granddaughter is set to receive a producing credit on the film “Solitary Man” which is slated for release in May. The film features a number of stars, including Michael Douglas, Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito, Mary Louise-Parker and Jesse Eisenberg.

According to the PGA letter, another of the film’s producers reported that Dimbort’s granddaughter—who is described as “teenaged”—didn’t do diddly squat for the film and doesn’t deserve a credit. Van Petten has no qualms insinuating that the situation sounds like a shameless case of nepotism: “According to this producer, Ms. [Dana] Golumb not only is credited as ‘Produced by’ despite performing no discernible producing functions on the film, but also is Mr. Dimbort’s teenaged granddaughter.”

So much for influence and power. Even in Hollywood, higher-ups can’t get away with everything.