Melissa Rosenberg will pen ‘Twilight’ finale with two part ‘Breaking Dawn’

Melissa Rosenberg just got another big break. The screenwriter of “The Twilight Saga” is reportedly working on the two-part finale of “Breaking Dawn,” the final installment in the four part franchise.

Because the final novel is more complex than the other books—and includes more R-rated material like sex, pregnancy and violence—it is being broken up into two movies that will film back-to-back beginning next October, according to Nikki Finke.

Rosenberg, who is Jewish, kept mum about all this during our interview last November (in order to preserve her negotiating advantage, perhaps?). After the success of the first two films, and considering her simpatico relationship with novelist Stephanie Meyer, it was smart to keep her. Not that the same consideration is being given to “New Moon” director Chris Weitz. According to Finke, Summit announced they’re looking for “high-end” directors. Wonder if Brett Ratner is busy?

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