Esquire mag crowns 5 Israeli babes, from Bar Refaeli to Gal Gadot

The April issue of Esquire magazine establishes an entirely old, but newly realized fact: Israeli women are stunning.

In honor of supermodel Bar Refaeli’s first Sports Illustrated cover, Esquire devoted their regular “Women We Love” feature to their five Israeli favorites.

Besides being Israeli (and maybe even a little bit Jewish) all five women appear to share Hollywood ambition, either blond or brown hair, and clock in at a tender age under 32. If the embattled Jewish state ever needed an image boost, this is it. Helen of Troy ain’t got squat on these gals. 

Read on to find out who made the cut—but if you want to see them up close, visit Esquire.

From Esquire:

Bar Refaeli, 23

Hometown: Hod HaSharon

Where you’ve seen her: SI’s Swimsuit Issue

Where you’ll see her, other than with Leonardo DiCaprio: Modeling lingerie for British retailer Marks & Spencer

Gal Gadot, 23

Hometown: Rosh Ha’ayin

Where you’ve seen her: On the news, after she appeared on a semi-scandalous party invitation for the Israeli consulate

Where you’ll see her next: Riding shotgun with Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious (April 3)

Year she was crowned Miss Israel: 2004

Shirly Brener, 31

Hometown: Haifa

Where you’ve seen her: 2008’s Righteous Kill

Where you’ll see her if you like sci-fi or Lindsay Lohan: Any of ten movies coming out in 2009.

Moran Atias, 27

Hometown: Haifa

Where you’ve seen her: On the Starz series Crash

One thing she has in common with Howie Mandel: Atias hosted the Israeli version of Deal or No Deal

One thing she does not: We’d watch her on it.

Alona Tal, 25

Hometown: Herzliya

Where you’ve seen her: 2008’s College

Where you’ll see her next: The indie film Kalamity

Why you’ll never “see” her: She’s been happily married since 2007

Ben Harris writing for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency adds his take:

Esquire loves pictures of lovely ladies. And its Web site currently has a lovely lady slideshow focused on all the loveliness created in the Jewish state. “All of a sudden, Israel is producing more than its share of spectacularly beautiful models and actresses,” the magazine enthuses.

Well, not quite. Maxim noticed this two years ago, with its Women of the IDF spread. And Sports Illustrated had the good sense to put Bar Rafaeli on the cover of its recent swimsuit edition. But better late than never, Esquire.