Opinion: Voters vs. Sherman, Berman

Always interested in the gritty and unpredictable side of participatory politics, I dropped in on Reps. Howard Berman and Brad Sherman, both of whom are vying to represent the newly reconfigured 30th congressional district, as they each hosted community meetings at San Fernando Valley schools last week.

These events were much different from The Jewish Journal debate that took place on Feb. 21 at Temple Judea between these two as well as the Republican in the race, Mark Reed. For that, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Rob Eshman, reporter Jonah Lowenfeld and I talked at length in advance and exchanged e-mails to prepare our questions. But, as I learned at the community meetings, we missed some of the subjects that trouble people who are as worried about paying their mortgages as preventing Iran from making a nuclear bomb.

These are the issues that will shape the campaign, with the candidates reaching the voters in the 30th West Valley district through mailings, social media and public meetings.

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