A Beatle marries a Jew: Paul McCartney weds Nancy Shevell

Even after enduring the death of one spouse and the divorce of another, Paul McCartney hasn’t soured on marriage.

The second-most famous Beatle wed for the third time on Sunday—to his second Jewish wife, the 51-year-old Jewish-American “heiress” Nancy Shevell. The couple married in London just after attending Yom Kippur services on Saturday, where the then-bride-to-be reportedly received a Jewish blessing (a warm-up for The Big Seven?). According to Wikipedia, Shevell is on the board of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the vice president of a family-owned transportation company that includes New England Motor Freight.

McCartney’s last marriage to Heather Mills ended bitterly, leaving him crestfallen and cash-poor(er): Mills reportedly won a $50 million divorce settlement after only 6 years of matrimony. McCartney’s first marriage, to the free-spirited, animal-loving, veggie-eating Linda Eastman, ended when she died of breast cancer in 1998.

According to Haaretz:

McCartney wed the divorced New Yorker in a civil ceremony at London’s Marylebone Register Office before 30 invited guests, ahead of a reception in his back garden in north London, reports said. He reportedly serenaded her with a song written in her honor.

Far as we know, there were no Jewish rituals or customs performed at the wedding, save for the default-Kosher organic vegetarian menu. But shul attendance on Yom Kippur suggests something promising—or at the very least, strategic. After all, nothing like a day-long ritual fast to help squeeze into that Stella gown.

While a Beatle conversion to Judaism is most certainly magical thinking, McCartney apparently hasn’t lost his faith in love. While some celebrities can subsist on the dopamine doses of success, fame and adulation, never cathecting to commitment, McCartney keeps diving in for something deep and lasting. All You Need Is Love, right?

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